Dugave, NEW BUILDING of modern apartments

Residential construction project

City: Zagreb

City: Novi Zagreb - Istok

Neighborhood: Dugave

143.620 - 220.932 €


The residential building consists of a high ground floor with 8 apartments, 1st and 2nd floor with 7 apartments, and a recessed floor with 5 apartments, which makes a building with 27 residential units, size 30-94 m2. There is also a basement floor where garage parking spaces and tenant storage are located.

The apartments in the building have the following rooms and square footage:

1, 5 room apartment cca 30 m2 pcs 1

2 bedroom apartment of 40 - 43 m2 pcs 4

2.5 room apartment of 45 - 54 m2 pcs 5

3 bedroom apartment of 60 - 80 m2 pcs 14

4 bedroom apartment of 90 - 94 m2 pcs 3

The apartments are one and a half bedroom, two bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom functional layout. Each apartment has a balcony or terrace that visually enlarges the space of the apartment and provides additional living space, and creates an impression of light and spaciousness.

Construction will begin in November 2021, and completion is scheduled for fall 2022.

The building is high energy class, regardless of external weather conditions, the apartment is always a comfortable temperature, because it will be installed high energy efficient materials and equipment, from triple glazed windows to quality thermal envelope facade.

Entrance to the building that allows people access to the building at ground level, and direct access to the elevator. All floors are connected by a low-noise elevator and a naturally lit double staircase.

The car entrance to the plot is secured on the south side, which is accessed by outdoor parking spaces, and the entrance to the underground garage is on the north side of the building. The entrance to the garage will be controlled by a low-noise garage door, and the entrance to the outdoor parking lot by a remote-controlled ramp.

Basement garage contains 22 GPM and outdoor parking 16PM.

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