Samobor, luxury residential project NEW CONSTRUCTION 2023

Residential construction project

Region: Zagrebačka

Municipality: Samobor

City: Centar

Street: Samobor

154.976 - 388.640 €


Samobor, NEWLY CONSTRUCTED luxury residential project in 2023

The residential building consists of one underground floor - the basement, and three above-ground floors - the ground floor, the first floor and the second floor. The building has a capacity of 20 residential units, 8 apartments on the ground floor, 8 on the first floor, and 4 apartments on the second floor. Each apartment is connected to the outside space - garden, loggia, terrace or roof terrace. Also, almost every housing unit has two parking spaces in the underground garage with storage.

In the basement, in addition to the staircase and the elevator shaft, there will be 39 garage spaces with manipulative space, 17 tenant storage rooms, bicycle and stroller storage, and a storage room for cleaning products with a sink. The basement will be completely buried and larger in plan than the above-ground floors, and on the parts of the basement that are outside the plan dimensions of the ground floor, a green roof is planned.

Ceramics will be installed on the floors in the kitchen, rooms, bathrooms and corridors. A fire door will be installed at the entrance to the building, while the entrance door to the apartments will be anti-burglary.

For the heating of apartments and the preparation of domestic hot water, it is planned to install air/water heat pumps with an integrated DHW tank.

The heating will be underfloor + independent cooling and heating with under-ceiling freon air conditioning units. Ventilation of almost all rooms is

natural, through opening, turning and sliding wings, except for bathrooms and toilets that are ventilated forcibly.

The load-bearing structure of the building will be made of reinforced concrete monolithic construction. The load-bearing structure is ab walls and beams, over which ab panels are laid. The staircase core and arms, as well as the elevator shaft, are monolithic reinforced concrete.

The clear height of the apartments is 2.60m. The underground floor has a structural height of 3.00m. The basement floor is waterproofed with waterproof concrete.

The facade of the building will be constructed using a combination of composite panels and the ETICS facade system (thickness of thermal insulation is 15 cm).

The exterior joinery is aluminum with multi-chamber profiles of high thermal insulation with electrically operated aluminum blinds, and the glazing is triple-layer insulating glass. The roof of the building is flat, with 20 cm of thermal insulation and foil resistant to UV rays.

Other information on request.

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