Trnje, Vukovarska, Radnička, project of modern luxury apartments NEW BUILDING

Residential construction project

City: Zagreb

City: Trnje

Street: Pere Budmanija 12

229.501 - 676.894 €


Synergy of modern and urban lifestyle for a different experience of living in the center of the city.

The exclusivity of the interior will be the advantage of your apartment compared to other offers on the market. If you decide to be part of this boutique residential building with only 7 apartments connected by an elevator to the garage, you will enjoy the interior and exterior of high European standards.

Equipped with top-quality materials, high energy efficiency, external PVC joinery with three-layer glass, heating systems via a heat pump integrated into the floor evenly distribute heat and ensure a comfortable temperature at all times in all rooms, thereby providing additional maximum freedom in designing creative and functional spatial interiors minimum height 280 cm.

Just a few steps from your luxury apartment is the center of the Radnička business zone. If you want to drink coffee in the very center of the city, in just 20 minutes of easy walking you will reach the main city square - Bana Jelačić Square!

That is exactly why it is located close to the intersection of Vukovarska and Držićeva Streets at the intersection of all tram lines, an ideal place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment, relax in the warmth of your home and still be in close proximity to the city center surrounded by all the necessary amenities for a quality life.

For the comfort of living in this boutique residential building, we have designed garages, so that you do not waste your precious time looking for a parking space in the city center, additional exclusivity is provided by the elevator that leads from the garage to your apartment.

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