Zagreb, exclusive NEW BUILDING in the very center

Residential-Commercial Construction Project

City: Zagreb

City: Donji Grad

1.080.000 - 1.080.000 €


Exclusive new building in the very center of the city!

Surrounded by greenery, a unique residential and commercial building is being built, architecturally perfectly located in the historical core of the city, which shows that it is not afraid of the new time and new way of life, and at the same time valorizes the tradition in which it finds its ideal place.


The unique, luxurious, and safe building on five floors is the first building in this area built with CLT technology. It is a top anti-earthquake and anti-fire technology that has long been recognized in the world. The CLT construction system, a completely new culture of housing in these areas, entirely uses natural materials such as cross-laminated timber (which does not burn) and steel. Now such a building, the largest in this region, is emerging in the very center of the city.

The building is surrounded by greenery on both sides, completely built from natural materials, and offers the most modern solutions and equipment - built-in car lift, fast heating, and cooling system, and high sound and thermal insulation. All of the above results in the highest A+ energy class. In addition, each apartment is oriented east-west, which ensures all-day availability of natural light, from the west side, offers a view of the vineyard located in the heart of the city, and from the east to the gardens and the Zagreb Cathedral. In addition to all of the above, you can remotely control the entire space, created by the "smart house" system.


The advanced CLT system is a technology that responds exceptionally well to earthquakes, fires, and strong winds. Such objects are more resistant to vibrations caused by ground shaking because they are characterized by high elasticity and light construction weight, unlike those built from concrete and brick.

In addition, all materials have certified fire resistance: in the event of a fire, wood does not burn. Wooden, solid, cross-glued flat elements can even exceed the fire resistance of steel and reinforced concrete elements. In addition to the building structure itself, each room is protected from fire by a hidden sprinkler system. The special feature of this system is the fact that, in the event of a fire, the sprinklers will be activated only in the rooms where the system detects the source of the fire.

Wood is also an excellent thermal insulator, enabling great energy savings, as well as natural regulation of the microclimate. An additional advantage of wood is that it has anti-allergic properties because it does not develop static electricity, so the accumulation of dust and allergens is reduced to a minimum.



Two access roads lead to this unique and luxurious building. The building has a garage, which is accessed by the already mentioned car lift, and each apartment has a secured parking space and a storage room, and the apartment on the last floor has two parking spaces. Garages and storage rooms are calculated additionally per m2 at the time of sale, and everything according to the legal coefficient.


Daikin's heat pump system and underfloor heating are responsible for the most comfortable temperature. The heating and cooling systems are separate, a special system is in charge of cooling, which consists of a combination of cooling hidden channels built into the ceilings and Daikin Stylish, the best line of air conditioning units, and the heating is underfloor in all rooms. With these systems, it is possible to separately regulate the temperature in each room, and in this way, the system, in addition to maximum adaptation to all household members, also offers energy savings. The staircase also has underfloor heating so that the comfortable temperature starts as soon as you step into the building. The entire system, among other things, adjusts the temperature inside the apartment and in the intermediate phase, between seasonal periods of heating and cooling, which always guarantees an optimal temperature. The entire building does not use gas for heating, so the building is independent of gas, but exclusively uses electricity as an energy source.


The staircase and office spaces are equipped with three-layer (aluminum) Schuko carpentry. The apartments have carpentry with three-layer IZO glass, a combination of aluminum and wood, which guarantees excellent thermal insulation and noise protection. One of the highest quality carpentry requires minimal maintenance. The roof windows were chosen from the luxurious line of roof windows Velux Integra - with integrated blinds and motor drive. It is a smart system that can be controlled by remote control and via the application. A special series of windows and blinds gives you several options - full or minimal darkening, and with the app you can regulate the raising or lowering before arriving at your home, as well as the automation of closing in case of rain or weather-related automation.


The ABB free@home apartment automation system ("smart house") allows you to manage every space from the comfort of your own home or via the Internet from a remote location. The entire system is a "smart house" and everything is automated, and you can control it via the central display at the front door or using a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. With just a few touches, you can adjust lighting, heating and cooling, smart sockets and raise and lower blinds, and the entire system can be expanded with additional functionalities according to your needs.

Moving in until the end of 2023.

Other information on request.

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