Medulićeva residence, in a refined and modern way, is a reminder of the aristocratic apartments in the lower part of the city. Cvjetni Square - Varšavaska - Dalmatinska, just below the beautiful, green Rokov Park. Sophistication of heating, cooling and air conditioning technology with state-of-the-art Swiss technology. Lighting systems, automation of management, control and safety, waste disposal, home electric car charging and maintenance - zero carbon emission.

APARTMENT S14 - one bedroom apartment with a closed area of ​​53.32 m2, west orientation on the fourth floor. It consists of an entrance hall, toilet, kitchen and a living room, bedroom, a bathroom and a balcony of 19,12 m2. The total net area of ​​the apartment (with the balcony) is 72.44 m2. The total calculated area of the apartment (with the balcony) is 62,88m2.

HEATING, COOLING AND DHW PREPARATION SYSTEM: preparation of hot /cold water as a heating / cooling medium and preparation of hot, sanitary water is done using an air-to-water heat pump for each apartment separately, through ceilings, floors and if necessary walls, there is a system of pipes through which flows hot / cold water depending on the mode of heating or cooling - ZEHNDER Nestsystem, so there are no visible thermotechnical elements such as radiators or air conditioners, heating / cooling with this system mimics natural heating / cooling processes where objects in the room are primarily heated or cooled and not the surrounding air, such as the sun in winter or a tavern in summer where cold stone creates a pleasant climate in the space ZEHNDER Radiant Conditioning System, outdoor units are located on the common roof of the residence, in front of large glass walls which help maintain a favorable climate in critical zones, regulation of the system for each room especially via ZEHNDER Control wall control panels.

VENTILATION, RECUPERATION AND DEHUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM: the unique ZEHNDER ComfoAir / ComfoDew central recuperation system with dehumidification maintains optimal humidity inside the room, integrated ZEHNDER ComfoDew units located under the ceiling of the air conditioning , are an unusualy important integral part of the system which regulates an optimal temperature, due to the dehumidification function in cooling mode, which prevents the condensation of moisture inside the room, in the floor there are integrated fan coil units that additionally dehumidify critical zones in front of glass walls in cooling mode, integrated ZEHNDER ComfoAir units located under the sanitary ceiling ensure sufficient air changes throughout the room so that the air is always cleaned of allergens from the outside environment and provides a pleasant atmosphere, air supply and exhaust is provided by central ventilation ducts with openings at the highest elevation of the roof of the residence, control of the recovery / dehumidification system also manages the heating / cooling system.

THERMAL BENEFIT: using high-quality materials in the envelope of the residence achieves excellent thermal insulation and the selection of glazed elements with favorable energy values ​​creates conditions for a comfortable stay in all seasons with reduced need for reheating or cooling of the space, integrated ZEHNDER heating / cooling system ventilation ensures superior ambient control of thermal comfort with optimal energy consumption, these parameters achieve a very low total energy consumption while achieving a high energy standard - A + energy class, Zero Carbon Emission.

LIGHTING SYSTEM: lighting of all common parts of the residence is provided by using energy efficient LED lighting controlled and managed by daylight control sensors and presence sensors in individual rooms, all planned lighting elements of common areas and external architectural features are visually harmonized with the identity of the building, and technologically meet the highest design and environmental standards, the lighting concept is aligned with the needs of modern housing providing a comfortable living environment, and the necessary lighting of specific areas, lighting of all apartment ceilings with integrated LED lighting controlled by wall switches and / or integrated KNX "smart home ", lighting preparation within housing units enables the implementation of modern lighting control and management systems with great flexibility of the interior, the light design concept of preparation for lighting housing units is a departure from the standard notion of lighting as a purely decorative element it treats lighting as a medium for good space perception and to create a comfortable environment.

ABB APARTMENT AUTOMATION SYSTEM - by installing ABB free @ home automation system ("smart house") owners are offered the opportunity to manage their own space, either from the comfort of their own home or through an application from a remote location (phone, tablet, computer), central control touch screen allows local management of the apartment automation and access control, it is possible to control the intercom, lighting and blinds, the system is modular and it is possible to expand it with functions.

WASTE DISPOSAL: special space at the end of the driveway, separated from the building, in the yard, for waste disposal of a sufficient space for special containers for waste separation.

HOME CHARGER OF ELECTRIC CARS: each garage parking space is equipped with a connection for charging electric cars, which allows charging vehicles overnight during the period of the best price for electricity.

SECURITY: 24/7 video surveillance of all common areas and access, electronic access control, intercom system integrated in the ZENNIO control touch screen in the apartment, presence notification via ABB free @ home system.

LARGE GLASSING OF RESIDENTIAL SPACES: the purpose of achieving quality lighting of apartments, glass surfaces are large, windows with light heights of 173 - 213 cm, specially designed for this residence without externally visible sash frames in wood-aluminum, sliding-lifting walls in wood light-colored aluminum 259 cm with recessed sill, so that the outdoor space is integrated at the same floor level with the interior, uninterrupted glass envelope of the top floor is a special unit drawn from the outer envelope rising above the City, surrounded by green gardens, sun protection blinds to the west and "sun screen" protection integrated into the street facade canvas made of stone TRAVERTINO CLASSICO, whose natural beige color makes a perfect combination with colorful "sun screen" protections.

REPRESENTATIVE ENTRANCE SPACE AND VERTICAL COMMUNICATION: the entrance area follows the reminiscent architecture of the lower town houses, shaped by a combination of stone - light - bianco polare / pietra del deserto / bianco perlino - dark - graffiti / nero marquinia, refined design of other elements of the entrance space and vertical communication, new generation elevator - KONE MonoSpace - electric, gearless frequency regulated with a luxuriously equipped cabin.

GREEN ENVIRONMENT: by placing all the necessary parking spaces in the underground garage, the courtyard ground floor is relieved of traffic and thus offers freer communication enriched with green marginal zones of the ground floor, achieved green islands also contribute to a favorable microclimate of the parcel, green terraces on the top floor also offer a continuation of the microclimate nearby, Rokov Park 150 meters away, balconies / terraces on each floor offer green islands as a separation zone but also the possibility of urban vegetable gardens for self-cultivation in front of the kitchen, selection of stone elegance, but also emphasizes nature as a source of life and materials.

REPRESENTATIVE ENTRANCE SPACE AND VERTICAL COMMUNICATION: the entrance area follows the reminiscent architecture of the lower town houses, shaped by a combination of stone - light - bianco polare / pietra del deserto / bianco perlino - dark - graffiti / nero marquinia refined design of other elements generations - KONE MonoSpace - electrically, gearless frequency regulated with a luxuriously equipped cabin.

HEIGHTS AND MATERIALS: living room, bedrooms: light height from floor to ceiling 281 cm +/- 2cm, toilets: light height from floor to ceiling 250 cm +/- 2cm, interior carpentry 220 cm high with soundproof sash and hidden hinges in matt white, full-height sliding doors with hidden ceiling guides in the final version of American walnut veneer in matt lacquer folded into the wall for a designated niche, high-standard anti-burglary-fire entrance door to high-standard DIERRE apartments, matt white lacquered door frame, American walnut veneer and heat-insulated wing with anti-burglary hardware, ONE-KEY-4-ALL system for all useful areas of the residence, sanitary facilities made of porcelain tiles 120 x 60 walls; 60 x 60 floors IMOLA CERAMICA from collection THE ROOM, washbasins DURAVIT / Vero 60/80/100, bathroom furniture DURAVIT / Vero C-bonded, built-in fittings DURAVIT, toilet DURAVIT / ME by Starck, bathroom accessories DURAVIT / Starck T, built-in cisterns DURASYSTEM / DURAVIT white, STONETO and / or ceramic shower trays, high standard multi-layer parquet, balconies / terraces covered with Decking System with wooden / composite boards on the same level as parquet in the interior, balconies / terraces protected from view and / or the sun from the west with a system of sliding shutters in combination with refined fencing elements, VIMAR peripheral electrical equipment

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS: LAN network UTP cat. 6 with switch cabinet, optical infrastructure brought to the apartment, shared satellite and regional TV program, shutter control via wall buttons and mobile applications.

Warranty conditions for construction are transferred to apartment owners in accordance with the law and applicable customs in construction: 10 years for construction of the building, 2 years for all other construction and construction works, 1 year for installed equipment and systems unless otherwise stated in the warranty sheets for individual equipment and systems, warranty periods run on the day of the technical inspection of the building.

Deviations from standardized equipment are possible due to the technical possibilities of performance and adaptation to applicable regulations and standards, and the availability of goods on the market. During the construction, deviations of up to 3% from the designed condition are possible.

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  • Orientation: West
  • Heating: toplinska pumpa
  • Usage: Residential
  • Energy certificate: A+
  • Ceiling height: 280 cm
  • Lift
  • Balcony
  • Optical fiber internet
  • Smart Home
  • Aircondition
  • Electric blinds
  • Intercom
  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm
  • Security doors
  • Settled
  • Public transportation
  • Roofing: Flat
  • Flooring material: Concrete
  • Flooring: Parquet
  • Carpentry: Wood and aluminum
  • Windows: Three-layered glass

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176072S1081 m²3.544.509 €BlueprintAvailable
211053S1163 m²3.421.296 €BlueprintAvailable
488324S9121 m²3.807.484 €BlueprintAvailable
269394S12116 m²4.800.745 €BlueprintSold
475553S1381 m²4.560.763 €BlueprintAvailable
314922S15228 m²5.1.802.464 €BlueprintSold

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    15 Gajeva Street

    Radnička cesta 52 (Green Gold)

    Horvaćanska cesta 160


    104c Domovinskog rata


    23 Ante Starcevic Street


    ACI Rovinj, Promenade of the Council of Europe

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582