Velika Gorica, Kolodvorska street, NEW BUILDING modern one bedroom apartment NKP 66.00 m2


€ 132.000

ID 987611


1 bedroom

1 bathroom


  • Region:Zagreb
  • Municipality:Velika Gorica
  • Street:Kolodvorska
  • Type:One bedroom apartment
  • Category:Buy
  • Price per m²:2.000,00 €
  • Floor:1.
  • Construction:new
  • Parking:2
  • Orientation:North
  • Heating:Gas
  • Usage:Residential
  • Energy certificate:A+

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IDProject internal IDAreaFloorPriceBlueprintStatus
335608S153 m²1.106.820 €BlueprintReserved
119562S10108 m²1.215.800 €BlueprintAvailable
498716S2101 m²1.200.120 €BlueprintAvailable
386662S385 m²1.170.720 €BlueprintAvailable
199612S475 m²1.150.980 €BlueprintReserved
667239S5103 m²1.205.320 €BlueprintAvailable
359788S675 m²1.149.640 €BlueprintAvailable
905669S774 m²1.148.460 €BlueprintAvailable
481623S882 m²1.163.880 €BlueprintAvailable
966162S9127 m²1.254.080 €BlueprintAvailable
361507S1253 m²2.106.820 €BlueprintReserved
822316S13101 m²2.200.120 €BlueprintAvailable
933925S1485 m²2.170.720 €BlueprintAvailable
130155S1575 m²2.150.980 €BlueprintAvailable
147419S16103 m²2.205.320 €BlueprintAvailable
448115S1775 m²2.149.640 €BlueprintAvailable
597652S1874 m²2.148.460 €BlueprintAvailable
722139S1982 m²2.163.880 €BlueprintAvailable
844201S20127 m²2.254.080 €BlueprintAvailable
590793S21108 m²2.215.800 €BlueprintAvailable
710316S2266 m²2.132.000 €BlueprintAvailable
430220S2353 m²3.106.820 €BlueprintReserved
175036S24101 m²3.200.120 €BlueprintAvailable
901748S2585 m²3.170.720 €BlueprintReserved
605890S2675 m²3.150.980 €BlueprintAvailable
965835S27103 m²3.205.320 €BlueprintAvailable
350823S2875 m²3.149.640 €BlueprintAvailable
500943S2974 m²3.148.460 €BlueprintAvailable
352480S3082 m²3.163.880 €BlueprintAvailable
815954S31127 m²3.254.080 €BlueprintAvailable
196732S32108 m²3.215.800 €BlueprintReserved
160444S3366 m²3.132.000 €BlueprintReserved
324510S3453 m²4.106.820 €BlueprintAvailable
825542S35101 m²4.200.120 €BlueprintAvailable
334374S3685 m²4.170.720 €BlueprintAvailable
465883S3775 m²4.150.980 €BlueprintAvailable
300568S38103 m²4.205.320 €BlueprintAvailable
220717S3975 m²4.149.640 €BlueprintAvailable
309066S4074 m²4.148.460 €BlueprintAvailable
338158S4182 m²4.163.880 €BlueprintAvailable
920319S42127 m²4.254.080 €BlueprintReserved
944111S43108 m²4.215.800 €BlueprintAvailable
189579S4466 m²4.132.000 €BlueprintReserved
709131S45166 m²5.332.240 €BlueprintAvailable
150761S46157 m²5.314.560 €BlueprintAvailable
473720S4775 m²5.149.340 €BlueprintReserved
794455S48139 m²5.277.780 €BlueprintAvailable
613213S49139 m²5.277.620 €BlueprintAvailable


Velika Gorica, Kolodvorska street, modern NEW BUILDING designed according to modern construction standards. One of the most desirable locations for living in the center of Velika Gorica near all necessary amenities for life: public transport, shops, schools, kindergartens, clinics…


The project follows a modern way of life. The building with a total of 5 floors consists of 49 residential units and 4 business premises. Functional floor plan, excellent room layout. Each apartment has two garage parking spaces.

Apartment S11 - one bedroom apartment of 49.56 m2 with a loggia of 5.25 m2. It has two garage parking spaces of 12.50 m2 each. Total NKP 66.00 m2. It consists of an entrance hall, living room, dining room and open plan kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

High quality equipment: exterior pvc carpentry, air conditioning, security entrance door, gas central heating, water heaters from a reputable manufacturer, oak parquet I class, top ceramics and sanitary equipment class I… Possibility to choose the finish, tiles and parquet by pattern.

Moving in in the spring of 2023. Other information on request.


  • Lift
  • Terrace
  • Balcony
  • Aircondition
  • Security doors
  • Settled
  • Public transportation
  • Certificat of ownership

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Renato Tripalo


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