Domagoj Burić

I would like to commend your employee, Mr. ZENON PAVIĆ. Namely, Mr. Pavić showed an incredible amount of professionalism, ability, helpfulness, patience, intelligence and communication skills. Lately, due to the purchase of an apartment in Zagreb, I have been in contact with about twenty real estate agents and Mr. Pavić is convincingly the best and most professional of all I have had the opportunity to meet. In addition, it is amazing to know that such a young man has such refined communication and business skills, which can very rarely be found in much older and more experienced than him. A company that relies on such phenomenal and capable young people has a secure future. Not wanting to interfere in the internal policy of your esteem company, let me express my opinion that this kind of employee deserves every available type of business award. Congratulations on having such a top professional in your ranks.

Vesna Sneller Harmach

I would like to thank you once again for your help in selling the apartment. I will definitely recommend Eurovilla, everything was excellently organized and you suggested a great strategy for selling the apartment, including the price and exchange rate explanation. You also rated which buyers are attractive investments and at what price. Attractive shots of the apartment by a professional photographer Euroville have greatly helped to attract customers online, and online ads look great. In conclusion, a very professional and experienced agency like you as a sales broker.

Karmela Gerl

"I would like to thank your employee Mr. Pavic Zenon from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service, cordiality and commitment in presenting the apartments, as well as the surprising professionalism of such a young man. He is characterized by an excellent approach to clients that greatly serves your agency's reputation, a characteristic that should be a priority as an intangible resource, bigger than sales, to every conscientious and dedicated employee. I wish Mr. Pavic and your company a lot of success in further work."



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