Extremely professional, cheerful, and communicative, Ante will impress you with his ease of approach and extensive knowledge of the real estate market. A true charismatic Dalmatian with a bachelor's degree in trade management, he is always feeling the dynamic rhythm of the market. Ante will successfully guide you through the entire process of potential buying and selling with the help of his high proficiency of written and spoken English. Ante is a family man with a wealth of experience in tourism and villa management, boat rental, and excursion organization. Adding to his versatility, he is also an owner of a tourist transport company who spends his spare time seeking out mountain bike thrills. Professional specialization, promotion through team and individual work, his ongoing hunger for new experiences and constant self-improvement make Ante a top professional with great skill in mediating the sale of villas and other luxury real estate along the enchanting coast of Split and its vicinity.

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Gajeva 15, 10000 Zagreb, Chorvátsko

104c Domovinskog rata, 21000 Split, Chorvátsko

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