Matteo Mikulić

Teo Zver

Thanks to agent Matteo for quickly finding the apartment and even faster realization, all recommendations!!

sanja ovcar

I chose Agent Matteo based on his recommendation, and because I am familiar with his dedicated and professional approach to work. What I liked most was that he listened to my wishes and suggestions and found the best possible office space for me. Thank yo

Niko Skelin

Excellent approach to clients. A cordial and kind agent Matteo, who made the whole job go smoothly and fast. For him, nothing was difficult!

Hrvoje Lonjak

The best apartment rental agency. They rented out an apartment in record time for a very good price in August, when there is not so much market demand in the city of Zagreb. I would like to congratulate all the employees, especially Ms. Dina Serdarusic for her excellent furnishing proposals for the first rental and Mr. Matteo Mikulic, a responsible and communicative agent, a quick decision-maker, who did his job really fast. Thank You for everything! I wish You success in Your future business and I look forward to working with You again in the future. Thank You!

Niko Skelin

"Excellent approach to clients. A cordial and kind agent Matteo because of whom the whole job went painlessly and quickly and to whom nothing was difficult!"

Filippo Merlini Cantatore

"I was looking for an apartment for my mother and Mateo helped us to find one. I have to say he was really quick finding the best options that suited our needs and also he was extremely professional. All the documentation and agreements where perfectly written in Croatian and English. Thank you Mateo for your help, great job!"

Krešimir Jelavić

"A very professional approach, the team is proactive and very energetic. Matteo was my agent and scored 20% more than requested, quick to react around the paperwork trying to make things as easy as possible for the clients, for every recommendation."

Hrvoje Lonjak

"The best apartment rental agency. They rented an apartment in record time for a great price in August when there is not much demand in the city of Zagreb. I would like to congratulate all employees, and at most two people: Mrs. Dina Serdarušić with excellent suggestions for arranging an apartment for the first rent and Mr. Matteo Mikulić, responsible, quick in making decisions, a communicative agent who did his job really quickly. Thank you for everything and I wish you success in your future business, and I look forward to future cooperation with you. Thank you!"

Mislav Perušina

"Top agency with the best real estate offers. They sold our apartment in record-breaking time. Congratulations to the whole team, and special compliments and thanks to our agent Matteo who has guided us through the entire sales process since the first meeting. Always available, cordial and extremely professional, and dedicated to his work. Thanks again. We will work together again in the future!"


Zagabria (Zagreb)

    Berislaviceva 4

    Via Gajeva 15

    Via Radnicka cesta 52, Green Gold

    Via Horvacanska cesta 160

Spalato (Split), Via Mike Tripala 4

Rovigno (Rovinj), Passeggiata del Consiglio d'Europa, ACI Rovigno

Pola (Pula), Via Pietro Ciscutti 7

Parenzo (Porec), Via dei Partigiani 4

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Via Dr. Ante Starcevic 24

Zara (Zadar)

Fiume (Rijeka)


+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582


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