Branimir Tolušić

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Branimir is a young, dynamic, proactive and extremely capable professional bachelor of economics who, after many years of experience in tourism, founded a private company that rents accommodation, runs villas in Istria, and creates tourist arrangements throughout Croatia and neighboring countries. As the owner and manager of his own high-class tourist facility, he sets himself up as an essential part of Eurovilla's team in the beautiful far south of the Dubrovnik area.  Being in centre of the trends of elite tourism in one of the most prestigious destinations in the Mediterranean, Branimir is your first and best choice if you are looking for top luxury real estates in Eurovilla's rich catalog.


Gajeva 15, 10000 Zagreb, Chorvátsko

104c Domovinskog rata, 21000 Split, Chorvátsko

+385 1 4815 111

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