Ivan Ukalović

Licensed Real Estate Agent

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Age is not important, if you've taken the best of all the years you have lived so far, Ivan Ukalović proves. He has certainly used them well but the experience he has not yet gained in the last eight working years, he compensates with the knowledge and understanding of market trends and market liquidity, banking conditions and whatever you need when you decide to buy a real estate.

He is ready to talk to you about assessing the value of your property and football as well.

He has brought an extensive sales experience to Eurovilla team. He can see the opportunity for his professional development as a mentor to the other real estate agents in this leading real estate agency.

Klienti o Ivan

Sandra i Vedran Mirkovic

"Hi! First of all, thanks for the extremely organized and easy search of the apartment and the friendly approach. The apartment is really beautiful and spacious, we feel like we have finally...

Jozo Marić

“Greetings! I would just like to thank Mr. Ukalovic for the high level of professionalism he has provided as an agent in our sale. He paid attention to every detail and was available at...


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