Dina Serdarušić

Borna Marić

"I had bad experiences with previous tenants, so I finally decided to rent my apartment through an agency. I didn't know what to expect, but the end result simply amazed me. It amazed me mostly because of the agent, Mrs. Dina Serdarušić, who is one of the more professional and capable people I have had the opportunity to work with. Mrs. Dina had the patience for each of my inquiries, however small or irrelevant they seemed. To Mrs. Dina, every question was important and she approached each one with seriousness and interest. Again, a big thanks to her and Eurovilla!"

Sara i Josip

"We only have words of praise for Mrs. Dina! Both she and Eurovilla proved to be a great choice. Namely, we have never cooperated with agencies before and we started our cooperation with Dina. She has been with us throughout the whole rental process, from rent terms, legal affairs, to the handover. She was constantly available for all our questions and concerns. Once again, thanks so much for everything, we are enjoying the new apartment!”

Josipa Borak

“A big thanks to Ms. Serdarušić for her hard and excellent work regarding the renting of our apartment. First of all, we'd like to thank her for being very approachable, smiling and professional throughout our collaboration. It was an extremely enjoyable experience to work with her and Eurovilla. Ms. Serdarušić always listened to our comments and remarks, which in the end produced the best possible result. We have worked with agencies before, but none have been as helpful as Eurovilla and its agents. Ms. Serdarušić is an agent you can only wish for. A huge thanks to her, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Martina Novak

"Dear Dina, I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for me. I knew that Eurovilla was among the top agencies in Croatia, but I was pleasantly surprised by you and your approach to business and people. Every aspect of renting our apartment went smoothly and it was like that mostly because of you, because you have ensured that with your responsibility, effort and professionalism. Thank you again, I will definitely recommend you to everyone!"

Iva Soldan

“In seeking a rental flat, I contacted several agencies, but only the Eurovilla agents had the patience for my requirements and to the end had done the necessary business to meet both my and the landlord's requirements. Fairness, efficiency, accessibility, professionalism and transparency are the features that set Euroville apart from other agencies. Nothing is impossible in Eurovilla!”

Ivan Rudež

"The Eurovilla team, and especially Dina, are operating with the highest precision and professionalism. It was a pleasure and, at the same time, incredibly helpful to collaborate with them because they are ready to act 24/7 and they make sure that the client is taken care of in the best way possible."


Zagabria (Zagreb)

    Berislaviceva 4

    Via Gajeva 15

    Via Radnicka cesta 52, Green Gold

    Via Horvacanska cesta 160

Spalato (Split), Via Mike Tripala 4

Rovigno (Rovinj), Passeggiata del Consiglio d'Europa, ACI Rovigno

Pola (Pula), Via Pietro Ciscutti 7

Parenzo (Porec), Via dei Partigiani 4

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Via Dr. Ante Starcevic 24

Zara (Zadar)

Fiume (Rijeka)


+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582


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