Katarina Prša

Ivica Klapan

“As a buyer, I approached Eurovilla, explained to them what type of real estate I was interested in and in what part of the city, and then left all of the other activities to them. I received extremely helpful advice from agency staff that ultimately resulted in the purchase of the housing I wanted. I would like to emphasize the exceptional professionalism and friendliness of all Eurovilla staff, especially Mr. Serdarušić, and above all, Mrs. Katarina Prša, without whose help I certainly would not have bought the property I wanted. An agency for every recommendation and the employees should be an example to anyone involved in this business. ”

Stefanija Mikac

"Dear Katarina, thank you for your exceptional involvement in my search for the perfect home. As a Real Estate Agent in the United States, and as a client, I must say that you have shown an enviable level of patience and perseverance in our quest and have made a stressful search fun. Thanks again, I definitely recommend you to anyone! "

Dražen Kućan

"Dear Mr. Serdarušić, thank you for the good news. I believe that in the process of selling my real estate in Zahorova, you have once again proved how professional and capable you, your team and your esteemed company are. Mrs. Katarina deserves a big bouquet as soon as we see each other in Zagreb. Her selfless dedication and hard work earn great respect from my family and me."

Mili Jeličić Lovreković

"I want to share my impressions about your agent Katarina. I was lucky to have met such a wonderful young person and to have work with her last year. In a short period, we found an apartment that was exactly what I was looking for. From the beginning, I knew what I wanted, but the point was that she understood it too. It was a great pleasure to hang out with her because she is pleasant, intelligent and humorous. I often remember her... and always with a smile."

Ivana Paliska

“Dear all! As you know, I met Katarina when selling my apartment. She is a very pleasant and open person, although very young in the role of a real estate agent, she managed everything perfectly, particularly all the bureaucratic jobs related to the sale of the apartment. Despite the fact that she worked with clients who were slightly older than her, she was doing well in that situation, so the whole process was fun, and she turned a somewhat tense and unpleasant situation about selling the apartment into a pleasant experience. All I can say about her is that she is a young, smart and beautiful girl who is doing her job well. Kind regards to everyone!”


Zagabria (Zagreb)

    Berislaviceva 4

    Via Gajeva 15

    Via Radnicka cesta 52, Green Gold

    Via Horvacanska cesta 160

Spalato (Split), Via Mike Tripala 4

Rovigno (Rovinj), Passeggiata del Consiglio d'Europa, ACI Rovigno

Pola (Pula), Via Pietro Ciscutti 7

Parenzo (Porec), Via dei Partigiani 4

Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Via Dr. Ante Starcevic 24

Zara (Zadar)

Fiume (Rijeka)


+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582


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