Sergio Serdarušić

Ivica Kovač

"Mr. Sergio Serdarušić and Eurovilla are truly the best of the best when it comes to real estate agencies in Croatia. Superior service, elegant aesthetics, professionalism, expertise, efficiency - all of this, as a party, I received from Mr. Serdarušić and his agency. Many have told me that my apartment will not be so easily sold, but Mr. Serdarušić found a buyer in a very short time. Everything went very smoothly, thanks to him and his employees. If I ever get the chance to recommend an agency to one of my acquaintances, that recommendation will always be Eurovilla. Greetings."

Luka Klarić

"Dear Sergio, I would like to thank you, for the nth time, for a fantastic job. You're an agent one can only wish for! From the part where your photographer photographed the real estate to consulting on ads, the legal part of buying and selling up until the very end - you were on a constant high level of efficiency, you did your job without one mistake. I had high expectations, and you managed to exceed them! Eurovilla and you have a warm recommendation from me. Thank you!"


Sanja i Mario

“I would also like to thank you by e-mail for a job well done. We are pleased with the rental we have made. You were with us all the time and we’re sorry if we were too demanding about certain details, we really just wanted the best possible outcome. You, indeed, have had the utmost patience for all our requests, and because of that, we have only superlatives for you and Eurovilla. Also a big thank you to Marija, your lawyer, who was a pleasure to work with. Kind regards!”

Marija V.

"Dear Mr. Serdarušić, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, diligence, understanding and patience that you have shown in the whole process of selling our house. Your agency, Eurovilla, has justified its reputation and, as far as I'm concerned, raised the bar for all real estate agencies. The service you provided me was impeccable from start to finish and I will recommend you and your agency to all my acquaintances. Best regards!"

Tanja Grgić

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Mr. Sergio Serdarušić from Eurovilla as the best agent we have come across in Croatia. Mr. Serdarušić helped us two times. First, when we decided to move to Croatia in 2014, he responded to all our requests immediately. He is an honest, highly energetic and hardworking professional who always goes the extra mile. Secondly, Mr. Serdarušić was our Agent of choice when the time came to look for a new home. And once again, he impressed us and went beyond our expectations with his enthusiastic work ethic, providing a professional approach and skilled negotiation. He always follows through, has a vast amount of knowledge, listens attentively and is a person you can trust.We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Sergio Serdarušić from Eurovilla Agency, and are very grateful for all the hard work Mr. Serdarušić and his Team have done to make the process of renting and purchasing a home such a pleasurable experience.“


Zagabria (Zagreb)

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Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Via Dr. Ante Starcevic 24

Zara (Zadar)

Fiume (Rijeka)


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