Ариjана Подгаjски

Ариjана Подгаjски

Лиcенсед Реал Естате Агент

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A young and promising student of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, who actively studies the real estate market in her free time, and decided to dedicate herself to it professionally even in her student days. Aware of the necessity and need for continuous education and professional training, she attends numerous courses that help her in her personal growth as a real estate agent, placing great emphasis on those related to learning an advanced level of the English business language. She follows all modern trends in the real estate market every day and combines them with her previous experience. Communicative, empathetic and ambitious, Arijana works excellently in a team where she conscientiously and successfully takes on and completes highly responsible tasks. The title "Miss Universe 2022" brought her a handful of experience and acquaintances, which are certainly additional pluses in everyday work.

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    Бериславићева 4

    ул. Гаева, 15

    Радничка Цеста 52 (Green Gold)

    Хорвачанская цеста 160


    улица Майка Трипала, 4


    ACI Ровинь, Набережная Совета Европы


    Цискуттиева 7


    Доктор Анте Старцевица 24

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582

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