Маттео Микулиć

Маттео Микулиć

Лиcенсед Реал Естате Агент

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A developed skill of professional and individual approach with the purpose of making buying or selling real estate a stress-free pleasure is Matteo's fundamental "forte". The application of customized approaches to the client's personality and wishes, and sometimes challenging solutions, with the end result of complete customer satisfaction, are certainly his specific and strong motive in everyday work. Matteo's constant affirmation and passion for what he does best are definite proof of the possibility of a successful synergy of work and satisfaction. The rich professional history of interdisciplinary character makes Matteo's qualities of communicativeness, speed, accuracy, anticipation of client needs and calmness extremely prominent. Matteo's fantastic use of English, both orally and in writing, along with numerous web and IT trainings, make him an ideal choice in finding what you need.

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sanja ovcar

I chose Agent Matteo based on his recommendation, and because I am familiar with his dedicated and professional approach to work. What I liked most was that he listened to my wishes and...

Niko Skelin

Excellent approach to clients. A cordial and kind agent Matteo, who made the whole job go smoothly and fast. For him, nothing was difficult!

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    Бериславићева 4

    ул. Гаева, 15

    Радничка Цеста 52 (Green Gold)

    Хорвачанская цеста 160


    улица Майка Трипала, 4


    ACI Ровинь, Набережная Совета Европы


    Цискуттиева 7


    Доктор Анте Старцевица 24

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582

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