Ена Иванčиć

Ена Иванčиć

Лиcенсед Реал Естате Агент

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If you could combine your best friend, translator and licensed Real Estate Agent, you would get Ena Ivančić.

Experience and knowledge in working with an international clientele have been brushed, among other things, in Portugal. In Eurovilla, she is the person who is called for when the client needs help with handling foreign languages - whether it is English, German or even legal terminology

If you are looking for a dream home or a business space where your business will experience flourishing, experienced and polite Ena will make your quest to success completely painless.

Клиенты о Ena

Sladana Weir

"Ena is dedicated, honest and transparent in business, a pleasant and kind person. Our foreign film staff was very pleased with her as well as with the Eurovilla agency, with whom we will continue...


"On this occasion, I thank Ena for her kindness, professionalism and hard work. For all the praise."

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    Бериславићева 4

    ул. Гаева, 15

    Радничка Цеста 52 (Green Gold)

    Хорвачанская цеста 160


    улица Майка Трипала, 4


    ACI Ровинь, Набережная Совета Европы


    Цискуттиева 7


    Доктор Анте Старцевица 24

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582

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