Honest, direct and professional, Ivan is an agent who knows the matter, does not hesitate, and is always prepared for unpredictable circumstances. Dynamism and working with people is what likes the  most at his job in Eurovilla because you never know what tomorrow brings 

This graduate economist and licensed agent help each client to navigate through fast-moving and changing real estate market trends which he keeps as an ace up his sleeve. But, in addressing the issues of bureaucratic delimitation and choosing the perfect apartment for your new life, Ivan loves keeping all the cards open.

Clients à propos Ivan

Vikler & Ruz

Great agency. Best offer, legal support. Guina fantastic, Maria great. Recommendations

Mario Brnic

Kudos to Mr. Guina. Never before have we experienced such access and availability 0-24. He always finds compromise solutions for the client. Absolutely to recommend!

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    Berislaviceva 4

    Rue Gajeva 15

    Radnicka cesta 52 (Green Gold)

    Horvacanska cesta 160


    Rue Mike Tripala 4


    ACI Rovinj, Promenade du Conseil de l'Europe


    Ciscuttijeva 7


    Dr. Ante Starcevica 24

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582


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