Pag, Šimuni\'s modern project of top quality

Residential construction project

297.000 - 360.000 €
Available apartments:4 / 6

Region: Zadarska

Municipality: Pag

Neighbourhood: Šimuni


Pag, Šimuni, the buildings are of modern and attractive design, and are located in a truly extremely unique location.

The equipment of the apartment is superb:

- underfloor heating in bathrooms

- air conditioners in bedrooms and living rooms

- anti-burglary and fire-resistant doors

- glass fences on the terraces

About the location:

Šimuni is a small fishing and tourist town located on the southwest side of the island of Pag, halfway between Novalja and the city of Pag.

Šimuni extends through 3 natural bays:

- in the northern bay there is ACI Marina Šimuni, which is open all year round and is one of the safest on the entire Adriatic

- the central bay is intended for fishing boats, but also serves as a place to sell freshly caught fish

- a pebble beach located in the southern bay

In the immediate vicinity of the town, in a pine forest, an auto-camp was built, the most beautiful camp on the island and one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic. Within it, there are sports facilities and gastronomic facilities, and its special feature is the extremely long kilometer-long beach next to which it is located.

This place is called a true green oasis of the stone island of Pag - ideal for a healthy and peaceful family vacation, and Zrće beach is not too far for those who want to have fun (10 minutes by car).

Other information on request.

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