We are an agency with a purpose

We connect people and real estate in search of the perfect home.

We started as a small family business in 2002 and over the years Eurovilla has grown into a large company with great achievements. In our 18 years of operation, we have published the first online real estate ad website, created numerous residential and business projects, made many investments and thousands of sales and rentals in Croatia.

Our business principle is to have a personal approach to each individual client and every property, with a complete understanding of Your needs down to the very last detail, which we believe is the key factor to a successful real estate purchase. Therefore, our business approach and philosophy are founded on our commitment to Your needs. We understand what it takes to render a search for an ideal space a pleasant process for each of our clients, as we are sensitized to Your needs.

A team of 20 experts and more than 10,000 satisfied customers stand behind this philosophy. Over the years, they have become a part of our story, as we have become a part of theirs. The Eurovilla team is comprised of licensed real-estate agents, highly qualified legal experts, managers, office managers, marketing experts, an adept programmer, and a professional photographer, all making agent services seem very simple. Our office is furnished to make business operations comfortable, where diversity is respected, and excellence is rewarded. As a result, we have a well-motivated and satisfied staff who guarantee You will have a top-notch experience with us!

A purchase, sale or rental is a process consisting of many small steps and tiles, which we have connected to create a beautiful mosaic with You – our client – as the focal point. Keeping You as the centerpiece in everything we do is our core business value and a standard that cannot be compromised in any part of the process.

We had a vision of being the leading real-estate agency in Zagreb and now we can proudly say that we have reached that goal. Nevertheless, our aspirations have not stopped there. They say reaching the top is easier than staying there – we truly believe this and that is exactly the attitude we have. We strive to improve our business, services, as well as ourselves on a daily basis. What makes us different is our recognition and volition to adapt in new environments, the continuous improvement of ourselves and our skills, through education and enhancing our team with new opinions, knowledge, and apex professionals.

Our website is part of the latest global trends and was recognized as one of the best in Croatia according to expert and client reviews. We are glad our efforts and daily investments in the CRM system have been recognized, which has accelerated the process of closing property transactions for numerous buyers and sellers, while careful selection and inspection of properties facilitates their security and satisfaction.

We like to say is that there is no property in the area of Tuskanac, Pantovcak, Prekrizje or downtown Zagreb that hasn’t been handled by us. We have had the most success and experience with exclusive and residential properties, as that is what we are specialized in. However, after hiring experts for business premises, we are gradually heading to the top of that segment as well.

We grow together with a single mission – to be the best at what we do to best serve all of Your real-estate needs. We hope You will place Your confidence in us and allow us to show You what our professionals can do for You.

We look forward to working with You!

Your Eurovilla team

Our clients about us

Ela Tecic

The whole process of an apartment purchase, which I heard was tedious, was made easy by Ante’s professionalism. Efficient, reasonable, friendly and calming, Ante Gregovic made the process of a property purchase a lot easier. He delivered the paperwork to me wherever I was, so I didn't have to waste any of my time. Indeed, an outstanding agent You can trust, and I definitely recommend him if You want to purchase a property without too much effort.

Antun Horvatic

The process of an apartment purchase was done smoothly and quickly, thanks to an outstandingly professional agent. Ante was available to us all the time and submitted papers for signature wherever we were at that time, regardless of the time of a day. If we shall ever decide to purchase a property again, we shall definitely contact him first.

Niko Skelin

Excellent approach to clients. A cordial and kind agent Matteo, who made the whole job go smoothly and fast. For him, nothing was difficult!

Hrvoje Lonjak

The best apartment rental agency. They rented out an apartment in record time for a very good price in August, when there is not so much market demand in the city of Zagreb. I would like to congratulate all the employees, especially Ms. Dina Serdarusic for her excellent furnishing proposals for the first rental and Mr. Matteo Mikulic, a responsible and communicative agent, a quick decision-maker, who did his job really fast. Thank You for everything! I wish You success in Your future business and I look forward to working with You again in the future. Thank You!

Patricia Urocic

From my first meeting with the agent, Mr. Gregovic, through seeing the property and its purchase, to the administrative services, The Eurovilla team demonstrated professionalism, friendliness, and support! Warm recommendations!


I am extremely pleased with the service. I would like to work with Eurovilla again in future. I recommend them to everyone


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+385 1 4815 111

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