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We connect people and real estate in search of the perfect home.

We started as a small family business in 2002 and over the years Eurovilla has grown into a large company with great achievements. In our 19 years of operation, we have published the first online real estate ad website, created numerous residential and business projects, made many investments and thousands of sales and rentals in Croatia.

Our business principle is to have a personal approach to each individual client and every property, with a complete understanding of Your needs down to the very last detail, which we believe is the key factor to a successful real estate purchase. Therefore, our business approach and philosophy are founded on our commitment to Your needs. We understand what it takes to render a search for an ideal space a pleasant process for each of our clients, as we are sensitized to Your needs.

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A team of 50 experts and more than 20.000 satisfied customers stand behind this philosophy. Over the years, they have become a part of our story, as we have become a part of theirs. The Eurovilla team is comprised of licensed real-estate agents, highly qualified legal experts, managers, office managers, marketing experts, an adept programmer, and a professional photographer, all making agent services seem very simple. Our office is furnished to make business operations comfortable, where diversity is respected, and excellence is rewarded. As a result, we have a well-motivated and satisfied staff who guarantee You will have a top-notch experience with us!

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A purchase, sale or rental is a process consisting of many small steps and tiles, which we have connected to create a beautiful mosaic with You – our client – as the focal point. Keeping You as the centerpiece in everything we do is our core business value and a standard that cannot be compromised in any part of the process.

We had a vision of being the leading real-estate agency in Zagreb and now we can proudly say that we have reached that goal. Nevertheless, our aspirations have not stopped there. They say reaching the top is easier than staying there – we truly believe this and that is exactly the attitude we have. We strive to improve our business, services, as well as ourselves on a daily basis. What makes us different is our recognition and volition to adapt in new environments, the continuous improvement of ourselves and our skills, through education and enhancing our team with new opinions, knowledge, and apex professionals.

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Our website is part of the latest global trends and was recognized as one of the best in Croatia according to expert and client reviews. We are glad our efforts and daily investments in the CRM system have been recognized, which has accelerated the process of closing property transactions for numerous buyers and sellers, while careful selection and inspection of properties facilitates their security and satisfaction.

We like to say is that there is no property in the area of Tuskanac, Pantovcak, Prekrizje or downtown Zagreb that hasn’t been handled by us. We have had the most success and experience with exclusive and residential properties, as that is what we are specialized in. However, after hiring experts for business premises, we are gradually heading to the top of that segment as well.

We grow together with a single mission – to be the best at what we do to best serve all of Your real-estate needs. We hope You will place Your confidence in us and allow us to show You what our professionals can do for You.

We look forward to working with You!

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Our clients about us

Darko Drndić

Buying an apartment, from my extensive experience, is always stressful. This time, from our first call, everything went as one could only wish for. Larissa, great, polite and kind, answers to all of our questions. After that, for the formal part, Elizabeta takes us over. Full of understanding, good ideas, professional, but most importantly, quickly and easily solves every obstacle and doubt. We finished the job without any stress. Finally, I can only conclude that Eurovilla in Pula, with a team like this, whose professionalism exceeds even those I have encountered so far, raises the bar for a "good business" standards, to a new, higher level.

Jose Pikunic

I just want to express my gratitude to Jadranka for the outstanding work he did in helping me find my new apartment. I also contacted other agencies, but Jadranka was the only person who really devoted herself to my search. She always thought of me when you received a new property and only showed me the ones that suited my needs. It was again a pleasure to work with Jadranka, not only because of her professionalism, but also because of her good human qualities. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

irem gamzeli aktas

Great organization to find a suitable home! Leon Canic was very helpful and he directed us to right appartments according to our needs. He was always available to answer our questions. Thanks again Leon!

Zrinka Lovrić

From the first contact with Mr. Ivan Barbić from the Agency, to the very finalization of the purchase and sale of the property, we had excellent cooperation. At every step (these big life decisions for us), he was with us, answering countless questions, guiding us through the process professionally and responsibly .Available, at any time, friendly, honest, caring, he earned our trust and the purchase itself went without any stress for us. We would definitely recommend Ivan Barbić to anyone who needs a reliable person when dealing with real estate.

Irma Grubišić

  Agent Dino Chedid helped us find the perfect apartment, and I really have to praise his speed, accessibility and kindness. We solved everything in two days: from the first contact to finding an apartment and signing the contract. Definitely the first contact for future collaborations. We even got a housewarming gift :)

Artem Smirnov



    Berislaviceva 4

    15 Gajeva Street

    Radnicka cesta 52 (Green Gold)

    Horvacanska cesta 160


    Mike Tripala Street 4


    ACI Rovinj, Promenade of the Council of Europe


    Ciscuttijeva 7


    Dr. Ante Starcevica 24

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582

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