Terms and Conditions

Basic rules for each user of eurovilla.hr

Article 1
Site Content

Some listings and information related to the advertisements come from a third party (different seller). The third party is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and quality. Eurovilla is not responsible for the content of the ads.


Article 2
Collecting information and their use

  1. If you want to use this site, you must ensure that your personal/contact information (applicable to sales) are complete and accurate. You also warrant that you are legally competent to use this site.
  2. Your personal information will only be used to complete the sale with interested customer.
  3. Eurovilla does everything to protect the privacy of its users.
  4. Eurovilla has the right to use e-mail address of the advertiser, that advertiser is listed as your personal information to send notifications about new offerings, the status of submitted ad, as well as other types of information related to the advertisement that the advertiser is handed or with just advertising.
  5. Eurovilla may contain links to other sites. During visits to other sites, you are the subject of private rules and regulations of the page where you are. You acknowledges that Eurovilla did not developed the site and has no bearing on it, and is not responsible for the content that is published there.
  6. If you do not agree to be limited to the previous articles, we strongly advise not to use the site Eurovilla.hr.

Article 3
Protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights.

  1. Rights relating to Eurovilla website include text, images, format, database, and all other (static and / or animated) material, sounds, formats, software, names (including domain), which belong to Eurovia, permit the service provider and / or advertisers. If you (as an advertiser) feel that your copyright rights have been violated, it is your responsibility if you should take appropriate steps. You acknowledge that Eurovilla assumes no responsibility or participate in any way connected with the decision of this case.
  2. It is not allowed to change, reproduction, distribution, sale of any part of the site or software from this site unless otherwise stated in the agreement between the site and the other side.
  3. The user is free to use the content of the site for noncommercial use. It is not permitted to distribute copies of these pages or facilitating their access to third parties in any way other than copying the content page and search on the PC, and / or print one copy.
  4. Advertisers agree that Eurovilla.hr may without further authorization or consent of the ads that advertisers are posted on the site Eurovilla.hr to use, distribute, publish, and other partner sites Eurovilla.hr, as you can and Eurovilla.hr ads that advertisers are reported at other partner sites to use, distribute, and publish on the site Eurovilla.hr.

Article 4

Eurovilla reserves the right to opt out of further use of this site, those users who in any way violates these rules and conditions, or in any other way to slow down or interfere with the operation site. Eurovilla also reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against such users, and demand compensation for damages or loss.

Eurovilla reserves the right to opt out of further use of this site those users who abuse the information published on this site, or in any way used without authorization of the page


The above actions were legally punishable, and would in such cases a Eurovilla Ltd take all legal measures to protect itself, its advertisers and users.

Article 5

Eurovilla does not guarantee:

  1. accuracy, completeness and authenticity of ads or text in them, nor the quality, safety and legality of the products and services.
  2. jurisdiction of the other party in concluding the agreement, accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the advertisers' personal data, which is the same used in the correct manner in the business.
  3. that the site will be errors and / or will operate without interruption at any time.
  4. the third party to legally use this site all the time.

Article 6

Eurovilla can not be held liable to you or to third parties for any damage, loss or injury arising directly or indirectly because of your approach and your use of this site or pages on related links with Eurovilla.hr site or the information on this site, nor because of the actions taken or not taken in conjunction with the information on this site, or for your use (or inability to use) any of these pages. Furthermore, Eurovilla can not accept any liability in relation to you for any content displayed on those sites to which you can allow temporary access. Any such access can neither be interpreted in the sense that a relationship with Eurovilla nor Eurovilla supports such sites.

Article 7
Ad Content

  1. Each advertiser is responsible for providing current, correct, true and complete description of product offered.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to talk ad on the page in any other way than that highlighted by Eurovilla.
  3. Eurovilla strives to offer its customers a quality service. Therefore, we reserve the right to delete all those ads that do not meet this criterion. Eurovilla has the right to edit or modify the ads without notice, and it will happen in the following circumstances:
    • When an ad is delivered into the wrong section.
    • When the description and / or price in the ad are incorrect and / or incomplete
    • When an advertiser of infringing activity and / or other intellectual property rights.
    • When the ad is found in more than one category, or in front of more than one way.
    • When the contents of an ad contains multiple products or services.
    • When the ad was in any way offensive to Eurovilla.
    • When the goal is to promote the ad company, directly or indirectly, without having to pay for it.
    • When an ad for Internet edition contains a link to the website and / or HTML tags.
    • When an ad includes contact information (phone, e-mail address) within the ad text or title.
    • When an ad in any way impairs the quality of content.
  4. Eurovilla not responsible for any legal action or complaint against the publisher based on infringement of any copyright or intellectual property rights.



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