Everything you first think of when someone says Zagreb belongs to this neighborhood.

This is the most densely populated part of Zagreb, with extraordinary people and real estate diversity. Therefore, we can say that Donji Grad provides “something for everyone”, and what everyone who buys real estate here has in common is that they will always be in the city bustle and be at the center of all city events.

Donji Grad exudes both luxury and urban at the same time and is an excellent combination of the most beautiful Zagreb architecture and modern way of life, busy residents, and happy tourists.

The residential function is slowly losing the battle with business and tourism, which has long been a trend in all world capitals.

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Everything that comes to mind when someone says "Zagreb," can be found in the urban centre of contemporary Zagreb. The Lower Town was built through the 19th and early 20th centuries, the time from which the majority of architecture is characterized by design and construction that was tailored to human needs.  The Lower Town is both luxurious and urban at the same time, being a perfect blend of the most beautiful Zagreb architecture and modern lifestyle, as well as full of bustling residents and cheerful tourists. Living in the centre, everything that the city has to offer is at your fingertips. The residential function is more and more replaced by businesses, especially as Zagreb is becoming a booming tourist destination, but it only contributes to the diversity and intrigue of this city district.


The Croatian National Theater, as one of the most beautiful buildings of the Green Horseshoe, is a centre of culture that is closely followed by other theatres in the area- from the Satirical Theatre Kerempuh,  Gavella Drama Theater to the  Zagreb Puppet Theater and many others. The recently renovated Art Pavilion rises between Strossmayer and King Tomislav Square, and with just a ten minute walk to the north, west or east, you will find a handful of galleries and interesting museums: from the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum to those with a bit more surprising exhibitions like Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Illusions or Museum of Torture.  Some of the other buildings of cultural significance include the Cathedral, a famous landmark that is often featured on souvenirs, the Croatian Association of Visual Artists building, or the Stone Gate, which are both impressive and historically important as they hide one of the most interesting stories about the founding of the City.


The rich gastronomic offer of the Lower Town will satisfy every palate. From vastly popular burger bars to restaurants that offer everything from local specialities to exotic foreign cuisine, this part of the city is characterized by culinary diversity. Within the pedestrian zone of Tkalčićeva Street, you can find a large selection of cafes and bars, while a little further south, you can enjoy the delicacies of top restaurants and their chefs at Tesla Street. If you desire to try exotic meals that provide an extraordinary gastronomic experience visit the Khala restaurant at Kaptol Center, and if looking for Asian specialities visit well known Time restaurant. Vinodol restaurant is the first destination for traditional continental and Mediterranean cuisine, find always fresh Italian food at Carpacci, and Japanese delicacies like sushi await you at Takenoko in Masarykova street.

Sport and nature

Zagreb's long tradition of city parks is best illustrated by  Lenuzzi or the so-called Green Horseshoe. This U-shaped system of city squares and parks is a real oasis at the very heart of the city.  Either for jogging or simply taking a walk, these parks surrounded by beautiful architecture will win you over every time. If outdoor recreation is not your thing,  you can find everything from fitness and yoga to wellness and spa centres just a few steps away.



    15 Gajeva Street

    Radnička cesta 52 (Green Gold)

    Horvaćanska cesta 160


    Mike Tripala Street 4


    ACI Rovinj, Promenade of the Council of Europe

+385 1 4815 111

+385 98 367 582