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WORLDWIDE SALES APPROACH WITH BAERZ & CO LUXURY HOMES Fin Croatia Eurovilla is a an exclusive affiliate partner of the worldwide Baerz & Co Luxury homes marketing platform.  UNRIVALLED DISTINCTION IN MARKETING STRATEGY What sets us apart is our consolidated strength...
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Heinzelova 70, 10 000 Zagreb

The first step while choosing the best insurance is to find out what is best for you. Allianz makes it so easy. Turn to our agents and get some advice about insuring your property. They will discuss your needs with colleagues from Allianz and make sure your home stays safe. Allianz Zagreb...
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Vrata dizajn

Selska cesta 167, 10 000 Zagreb

Security, quality and contemporary design that complement the space are no longer incompatible terms. In cooperation with Eurovilla, Vrata dizajn offers you solutions for the security and decoration of your home. Vrata dizajn is a distributor and multi-brand retailer for selected Italian...
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Ilica 26

Lunilou, decorative and functional products that beautify Eurovilla homes, while at the same time take care of you, your loved ones and nature making your life more comfortable.  Light organic cotton blankets or gorgeous decorative pillows will fit in every house corner, from the living...
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Trg žrtava fašizma 5, 10000 Zagreb

The company Votex was founded in 1992 when it started to produce curtains and decorations. Years of experience in furnishing the interior of private and public residentials is proof of the Votex team's quality. In its offer, it has a wide selection of decorative fabrics, curtains, shades and...
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Baruna Trenka 3, 10 000 Zagreb

The firm was founded in 2014 by Josip Kovač , a graduate economist and former banker who first tried in creating interior solutions for himself and his family, and then in the Dinaten project. As these solutions came to the approval of his friends and acquaintances and they were interested...
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Ul. Baruna Trenka 16, 10000 Zagreb

Arhikultura is an architectural and design studio founded in 1994. Guided by the idea of thinking about architecture through three basic features - function, construction, and design, in each project, they combine all of them them in ideal rations to meet the needs of the users, while...
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Arta projektiranje

Republike Austrije 19,10000 Zagreb

Hand the designing and decorating of your home to the professionals of Arta-projektiranje team and get to know the full meaning of the words art of living. Architectural office Arta-projektiranje deals with the design of different types of buildings, from tourist facilities, individual...
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Modern Interiors

Domovinskog rata 104c, 21 000 Split

European practice to the clients in Croatia. Namely, with a completely personalized approach, the aim is to create a unique “tailor made” space to suit the client’s needs. Our holistic approach to design creates interiors that ultimately fit the new owner like a glove. With a...
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Ilica 109, 10 000 Zagreb

Making your home, either constructing or adapting it, is not an unknown territory filled with complicated bureaucracy any more. Feel free, or better to say, carefree to let Aksijal, Eurovilla’s partner, manage your project and implement construction or adaptation works for you. After...
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Jurkovićeva ulica 3, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

We are a team of experts who have already created a stable team of 20 people that combines youth and experience, creativity and engineering precision, wit and seriousness. Since 2011, we have been creating architectural paths that are adaptable to the different needs of the market - family...
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    Dr. Ante Starcevica 24

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