Darko Drndić

Buying an apartment, from my extensive experience, is always stressful. This time, from our first call, everything went as one could only wish for. Larissa, great, polite and kind, answers to all of our questions. After that, for the formal part, Elizabeta takes us over. Full of understanding, good ideas, professional, but most importantly, quickly and easily solves every obstacle and doubt. We finished the job without any stress. Finally, I can only conclude that Eurovilla in Pula, with a team like this, whose professionalism exceeds even those I have encountered so far, raises the bar for a "good business" standards, to a new, higher level.

Jose Pikunic

I just want to express my gratitude to Jadranka for the outstanding work he did in helping me find my new apartment. I also contacted other agencies, but Jadranka was the only person who really devoted herself to my search. She always thought of me when you received a new property and only showed me the ones that suited my needs. It was again a pleasure to work with Jadranka, not only because of her professionalism, but also because of her good human qualities. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

irem gamzeli aktas

Great organization to find a suitable home! Leon Canic was very helpful and he directed us to right appartments according to our needs. He was always available to answer our questions. Thanks again Leon!

Zrinka Lovrić

From the first contact with Mr. Ivan Barbić from the Agency, to the very finalization of the purchase and sale of the property, we had excellent cooperation. At every step (these big life decisions for us), he was with us, answering countless questions, guiding us through the process professionally and responsibly .Available, at any time, friendly, honest, caring, he earned our trust and the purchase itself went without any stress for us. We would definitely recommend Ivan Barbić to anyone who needs a reliable person when dealing with real estate.

Irma Grubišić

  Agent Dino Chedid helped us find the perfect apartment, and I really have to praise his speed, accessibility and kindness. We solved everything in two days: from the first contact to finding an apartment and signing the contract. Definitely the first contact for future collaborations. We even got a housewarming gift :)

Artem Smirnov

Darko Ilić

Professional, expert and simple. Agent Antea Kodžoman was a reliable support and partner in decision-making during the assessment and sale. Cooperation will certainly continue in the future.

Ivana Maras Pezer

It was the first time I cooperated with the agency "Eurovilla" and I am sure that I will continue in the future. They are very professional and expert, and also simple and fast during the entire process, from recording the space to concluding the contract. All the most sincere compliments to agent Filip Vuković! Filip is extremely approachable, professional and dedicated to his work, and from the first moment I felt maximum trust and security working with him. For every recommendation, from the bottom of my heart!

Sara Bench

Pleasantly surprised by the cooperation with the agency. Cooperation with the agent Tina is highly recommended, professional, reasonable and it is very easy to agree with her on everything. All in all, a great experience.

Dmitrii Kolesnikov

Andrea Vincetić was very helpful. We were very limited in time and Andrea showed us 4 apartments at once on the first day. The next day she offered us another option and it turned out to be excellent. We discussed all the details and at the end of the week we signed the contract at the notary. I highly recommend Andrea Vincetić!

Teo Zver

Thanks to agent Matteo for quickly finding the apartment and even faster realization, all recommendations!!

Klaudija Ledvinka

Top recommendation for the agency, and especially for the agent Zvonimir Perić. Very accommodating, efficient and available at all times. I found the apartment very quickly, moved in even faster. All in all a great experience.

Julija Lipozencic Frljuzec

I am writing to thank Eurovilla, and most of all I thank and praise Mrs. Jadranka Hotić, who rented my apartment. For a long time, I didn't want to rent because you never know who will enter your apartment, and the apartment is new. She broke all my prejudices and convinced me otherwise, with her kindness, persistence and ability and care that everything is in order and that the people who enter the apartment are appropriate. She fully justified my trust. As an agency, I wish you to always be the best and happy to have such a team of people like Jadranka.

Ivica Gergoric

I would like to thank the Eurovilla Split agency, especially the wonderful employee Zrinka, who is completely dedicated to her work, caring for clients, both for tenants and especially for landlords. She is always available, punctual and responsible. Our experiences are first class. I recommend everyone to contact the Eurovilla Split agency with full confidence for all real estate needs. We wish you much success in your future business. With respect, The Gergorić family

Marina Boban

Wonderful agent Sarah always available for any questions. Mediation when renting an apartment in the center of Zagreb was done very professionally, transparently and stress-free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! Honest recommendations!

Evgeny Patekha

Many thanks to Josipa Glavota from Eurovilla, who helped us to rent an apartment in Split. She is a true professional. I sent her our wishes and she very quickly offered a great option that was not even on the site yet. She agreed with the owner about the cat, organized the signing of the contract at the notary. In general, everything turned out quickly, without difficulties and as we expected. Well, just as a person, very pleasant to talk to. Thanks Josipa. I recommend her services.

Bogdan Kovalchuk

I want to thank Eurovilla and especially wonderful manager Josipa for helping me quickly find a great apartment in Split. Since my wife and I have a pet, many options were simply not available to us, but Josipa was still able to find a great apartment for us near the sea. She also helped us with the necessary legal documents. Even after a while had passed since signing the contract, Josipa continued to answer questions and prompt. Thanks a lot for your support!

Davor Sinka

We chose the Eurovilla agency for the sale of our apartment on the recommendation of an acquaintance, and we were not wrong. It turned out that the agent, Ms. Jadranka Hotić, knows very well the current situation in our part of the city, so she was very helpful in setting the requested price, as well as in later corrections. Mrs. Hotić was available at any time of the day, working and non-working, for the organization of tours by customers, and for any other question. As a result of her commitment and professional relationship, the sale was completed relatively quickly, to our satisfaction, and I believe to the customer's satisfaction as well. We will be happy to recommend the Eurovilla agency in every future opportunity.

Dijana Mayer

Excellent approach to customers. Mr. Darjan was very accommodating, adaptable and moderate. Completely satisfied with the service provided, I can only recommend it. Professional at every level.

Andreja & Ante Jurisic

On the basis of previous business cooperation, we engaged Krešo to find us an apartment for rent. The entire rental process was quick and stress-free. He listened to our wishes and in the end we got exactly what we wanted. Krešo once again showed that he is a person we can always rely on.

Kata & Jure Palic

Mr. Krešo is very nice and helpful. Correctly performed activities with the purchase of an apartment in the area of ​​the city of Zagreb. We immediately recommended it to friends who are looking for an apartment. Professionalism with 5 stars plus.

Kristina K.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. KREŠIMIR SVITLANOVIĆ and the EUROVILLA agency, who responded in the most professional and urgent manner in the case of a very important rental. The service provided by KREŠIMIR as an agent is at an enviable level of the standards of prestigious foreign agencies, and after the cooperation with the agent KREŠIMIR, I will certainly be happy to recommend him. In addition to quality, fast and specific service, EUROVILLA agents, including Mr. Krešimir, are arguably the most eloquent, cultured and polite professionals on the real estate market. All praise and indispensable recommendations!

Branka Susnjara

An excellent agency for renting apartments. I would especially like to praise the work of Mr. Vedran Bekavac, who entered the project full of enthusiasm and excellent ideas for decorating the apartment for rent. Mr. Vedran is an open, communicative and cordial person. During the whole process, he was available for all our questions. We rented the apartment in record time at a great price. I would recommend the agency to anyone who intends to rent, sell or buy real estate. I wish the whole team, and especially Mr. Vedran, much success in their future work. Thank you and all the best

Vikler & Ruz

Great agency. Best offer, legal support. Guina fantastic, Maria great. Recommendations

Vanja Milovac

Professionalism at a high level and the right choice for a real estate broker. The work and commitment of Mr. Dino Chedid, who found ideal tenants in a very short time, should be especially highlighted and praised. He was available at all times, successfully coordinated all the parties' wishes and requests, in one word, excellent. Recommendation to anyone who intends to buy, sell and/or rent real estate. To the entire team of the Eurovilla agency, we wish them much success in their further work and may they continue to do so

Mate Franjic

We did everything over the phone with the greatest professional in the world, Dino Cedid, so we live in Austria, we were not able to come to Zagreb every so often, so we decided on EUROVILLA, because someone seems to be dealing with it, and when it is sold, we were struck by a gentleman Dino Cedid, on Friday he took over the keys to the apartment, on Monday the apartment was sold, the next Friday we solved all the paperwork with the buyer, so we arrived almost a week after the gentleman took over the keys....the man is incredible, positive and realistic...thank you eurovilla and thank you Dino !!

sanja ovcar

I chose Agent Matteo based on his recommendation, and because I am familiar with his dedicated and professional approach to work. What I liked most was that he listened to my wishes and suggestions and found the best possible office space for me. Thank yo

Mario Brnic

Kudos to Mr. Guina. Never before have we experienced such access and availability 0-24. He always finds compromise solutions for the client. Absolutely to recommend!

Ivor Vucelic

As a family, we have been using Euroville services for many years. I have seen a lot of other agencies, not only in Croatia, I must admit that the service is the best in the region. What is extremely important to say is that commitment, availability, transparency, commitment and professionalism are at an incredible level. We use the services of Ivan Guina, an agent of world pedigree, who is truly the epitome of professionalism - honest, diligent and extremely approachable. He understands our needs whether we are selling or buying real estate, and is available 24/7 and always gives quick and up-to-date feedback so that at every moment of the process everyone knows where he is and what to expect.

Daniel Lovric

Our agent was Dragan and I can only say words of praise. With him, everything complicated that a person has to do bureaucratically was simple and during the whole process we felt very safe, which is perhaps the most important thing in a situation when you are talking about spending your life savings.

Maja Duraković

Hello team Eurovilla, we need to thank agent Andrej Vuckovic because with him was the search for a location for our new store was without any stress and on a very professional level. He was always available and he had the answer to all our questions and he found a solution to every problem. He found us the location we wanted in a very short time, which no other agency could do. Thank you for everything and we will certainly work only with you or Mr. Andrej when we look for a new location. Sunny greetings from Ljubljana

Krešimir Kursar

Dear Eurovilla team, I am very pleased with your agency, especially the professional work of your agent Andrej Vuckovic. Well done and just keep going. Greetings

Domagoj Burić

I would like to commend your employee, Mr. ZENON PAVIĆ. Namely, Mr. Pavić showed an incredible amount of professionalism, ability, helpfulness, patience, intelligence and communication skills. Lately, due to the purchase of an apartment in Zagreb, I have been in contact with about twenty real estate agents and Mr. Pavić is convincingly the best and most professional of all I have had the opportunity to meet. In addition, it is amazing to know that such a young man has such refined communication and business skills, which can very rarely be found in much older and more experienced than him. A company that relies on such phenomenal and capable young people has a secure future. Not wanting to interfere in the internal policy of your esteem company, let me express my opinion that this kind of employee deserves every available type of business award. Congratulations on having such a top professional in your ranks.

PPD - Prvo plinarsko društvo

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with the agency on a professional level as offered by EUROVILLA, as evidenced by our long and successful cooperation with agent Ivan Guina, who skillfully represents the agency Eurovilla. At every step of the complex process, Mr. Ivan Guina was maximally at our service, approachable and incredibly clear and concrete. Our gratitude for the excellent agency work, but also for the legal segment, which was of indescribable importance to us, can serve as an example of a fantastic service that we would be happy to offer to all potential clients. Eurovilla is certainly the best real estate agency we have worked with so far, whose expertise we will always be happy to rely on. Our warm recommendations to future clients for cooperation with Mr. Ivan and Eurovilla - the best real estate agency.

Vesna Sneller Harmach

I would like to thank you once again for your help in selling the apartment. I will definitely recommend Eurovilla, everything was excellently organized and you suggested a great strategy for selling the apartment, including the price and exchange rate explanation. You also rated which buyers are attractive investments and at what price. Attractive shots of the apartment by a professional photographer Euroville have greatly helped to attract customers online, and online ads look great. In conclusion, a very professional and experienced agency like you as a sales broker.

Ela Tecic

The whole process of an apartment purchase, which I heard was tedious, was made easy by Ante’s professionalism. Efficient, reasonable, friendly and calming, Ante Gregovic made the process of a property purchase a lot easier. He delivered the paperwork to me wherever I was, so I didn't have to waste any of my time. Indeed, an outstanding agent You can trust, and I definitely recommend him if You want to purchase a property without too much effort.

Antun Horvatic

The process of an apartment purchase was done smoothly and quickly, thanks to an outstandingly professional agent. Ante was available to us all the time and submitted papers for signature wherever we were at that time, regardless of the time of a day. If we shall ever decide to purchase a property again, we shall definitely contact him first.

Niko Skelin

Excellent approach to clients. A cordial and kind agent Matteo, who made the whole job go smoothly and fast. For him, nothing was difficult!

Hrvoje Lonjak

The best apartment rental agency. They rented out an apartment in record time for a very good price in August, when there is not so much market demand in the city of Zagreb. I would like to congratulate all the employees, especially Ms. Dina Serdarusic for her excellent furnishing proposals for the first rental and Mr. Matteo Mikulic, a responsible and communicative agent, a quick decision-maker, who did his job really fast. Thank You for everything! I wish You success in Your future business and I look forward to working with You again in the future. Thank You!

Patricia Urocic

From my first meeting with the agent, Mr. Gregovic, through seeing the property and its purchase, to the administrative services, The Eurovilla team demonstrated professionalism, friendliness, and support! Warm recommendations!


I am extremely pleased with the service. I would like to work with Eurovilla again in future. I recommend them to everyone

Yury Dmitrievskiy

I would like to express my special gratitude to Matteo for the high professionalism in his work! The challenge was to find luxury accommodation in the shortest possible time, with which Matteo did an excellent job. I would also like to note the high level of attitude towards the client and a responsible approach. As a result of the work, a one-year lease contract was concluded. Many thanks!

Filippo Merlini Cantatore

I was looking for an apartment for my mother and Mateo helped us to find one. I have to say he was really quick finding the best options that suited our needs and also he was extremely professional. All the documentation and agreements where perfectly written in Croatian and English. Thank you Mateo for your help, great job!!!

Veronika Luvic

Very professional staff, excellent service. I highly recommend Eurovilla for all your questions regarding real estate!

Josip Marohnic

Best property agency in Zagreb

Luca Cerreoni

Had a really good experience when renting the apartment. Helpful and competent staff!

Dario Martic

Well done Eurovilla! It was a pleasure working with you!

Filip Jurisic (Marakul)

Full and professional service. It was pleasure doing business with.

Karmela Gerl

"I would like to thank your employee Mr. Pavic Zenon from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service, cordiality and commitment in presenting the apartments, as well as the surprising professionalism of such a young man. He is characterized by an excellent approach to clients that greatly serves your agency's reputation, a characteristic that should be a priority as an intangible resource, bigger than sales, to every conscientious and dedicated employee. I wish Mr. Pavic and your company a lot of success in further work."

Niko Skelin

"Excellent approach to clients. A cordial and kind agent Matteo because of whom the whole job went painlessly and quickly and to whom nothing was difficult!"

Filippo Merlini Cantatore

"I was looking for an apartment for my mother and Mateo helped us to find one. I have to say he was really quick finding the best options that suited our needs and also he was extremely professional. All the documentation and agreements where perfectly written in Croatian and English. Thank you Mateo for your help, great job!"

Krešimir Jelavić

"A very professional approach, the team is proactive and very energetic. Matteo was my agent and scored 20% more than requested, quick to react around the paperwork trying to make things as easy as possible for the clients, for every recommendation."

Hrvoje Lonjak

"The best apartment rental agency. They rented an apartment in record time for a great price in August when there is not much demand in the city of Zagreb. I would like to congratulate all employees, and at most two people: Mrs. Dina Serdarušić with excellent suggestions for arranging an apartment for the first rent and Mr. Matteo Mikulić, responsible, quick in making decisions, a communicative agent who did his job really quickly. Thank you for everything and I wish you success in your future business, and I look forward to future cooperation with you. Thank you!"

Mislav Perušina

"Top agency with the best real estate offers. They sold our apartment in record-breaking time. Congratulations to the whole team, and special compliments and thanks to our agent Matteo who has guided us through the entire sales process since the first meeting. Always available, cordial and extremely professional, and dedicated to his work. Thanks again. We will work together again in the future!"

Gojka Škorić Guberac

"After the mediation in the sale of the apartment in Zagreb, I can say that I am very satisfied with the engagement of Eurovilla. I especially emphasize the effort, commitment, patience and action at the right time shown by agent, especially because most co-owners live abroad. Sincerely, Gojka Škorić Guberac"

Marijana Gavran

"I would like to thank you once again for your help and kindness in selling our apartment... Congratulations on your patience and work well-done, because if it weren't for you, we don't know how everything would be done. I recommend you further because our experience was great and perfect. Communication and relationship with clients is at a high level which is sometimes not easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart once again from all of us, young and adults. Good luck on your business journey and we wish you a lot of work. Greetings from the family Gavran"


"I would like to commend your employee, Mr Ante Gregović. Mr Gregović was maximally kind, accommodating, patient, always available and correct from the first contact until the conclusion of the sale and transfer of overhead costs. With his professionalism, he can be an example to all agents and you are really happy to have him as an employee. I wish him and you a lot of luck and success in your future work. With respect"

Dražen Pavković

"Dear Ms. Tikvić, given the experience I’ve had with other agents from other agencies I’ve talked to in the real estate search process, I can’t help but praise your exceptional professionalism. I am completely satisfied with your engagement to the extent that I will without hesitation recommend your agency and you personally to friends and acquaintances. Thank you for your help with the realization of this sale. Best regards"

Ita Gafro

"Dear Mr. Serdarušić, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your individual counseling and assistance of your agency, primarily your extraordinary associate Mr. Guina who continuously supports us in our search for real estate. Mr. Guina fulfills all the qualities of an exceptional real estate agent. I ask to keep Mr Guina to the end on our purchase. Looking forward to the realization of the purchase of this property!

Slaven Arambašić

"Hi, My name is Slaven Arambašić and I purchased an apartment in Zagreb with the help of Eurovilla Real Estate agency. I want to take this opportunity to express my praise for the work of your agency in these uncertain and difficult business times. All the correspondence and coordination was done with the agency's employee, Ivan Guina, thanks to whom I can express only positive impressions. Mr Guina showed selfless commitment and understanding in our every contact and finally, is responsible for the exclusively positive image of the agency. I hope that Eurovilla will continue its successful and quality business thanks to the staff that is the foundation of every successful business story. With gratitude"  

Dubravko i Sanja Žnidarec

"Dear Lucija, thank you for your engagement and support during our collaboration in terms of renting ours and finding a new apartment. From the very beginning, communication was professional and simple. We felt like someone was taking care of our wishes and needs. We are so glad that we concluded both deals with the mediation of Eurovilla (you and Renato) and we will be free to recommend you and your services to all acquaintances if there arises a opportunity.  Thanks again, and good luck!"

Zeljka i Tibor Gojun

"Dear Lucija, we would like to thank you for your effort and professional attitude. In our case, the purchase of an apartment in Zagreb. It was a pleasure working with you! Continue to be so professional, active and dedicated to each subject. Thank you again for everything."

Ivan i Iva Rendulic

"A not so simple and easy journey of buying real estate, Eurovilla made it into a much more elegant one. We got acquainted with the work of most agencies in Zagreb, but Eurovilla proved to be the one with the highest level of business ethics. Mr Renato Tripalo is extremely competent and professional. Thank you and best regards!"


"Sladjana is an agent to be desired. She did every part of this stressful process very organized and was a very accommodating and positive person all the way. Thank you Eurovilla and Sladjana!"

Magdalena i Josip

"The very first contact with Sladjana was a very promising one. She took us through the whole process in the beginning and convinced us that she is the right person for the job. Because of her communication skills and proactive approach we had a very positive experience. Thank you Sladjana and Eurovilla!"


"As someone who has some experience in the real estate sales process, I thought it would be difficult to find an agent who would suit me and meet the conditions. But Sladjana satisfied them all, especially the deadlines we set! I will definitely contact her again when I am in the process of buying or selling other properties!"

Vedran B.

"Working with your agent Slađana was certainly one of the most pleasant experiences for me. Very accessible, but also extremely professional and organized, and she approached each part of the process very proactively! Kudos, I would definitely work with her and Eurovilla again if the opportunity arises!"

Siniša Mastelić - Ivić

"The organization and speed of doing business in the sale of my apartment impressed me, with a special, unobtrusive style and kindness in achieving a common goal."

Sara Kipčić

"Although I have never had the need to use the services of a real estate agency for yours I received an excellent recommendation and decided to give it a try. Working with your agent Ms. Mihelić Ščerbakov was more than pleasant and productive, thus ensuring my recommendations to everyone! If there is a need and opportunity, I will definitely hire you again. I am extremely pleased with the service! Thank you! "


"I was very lucky to be working with Eurovilla Real Estate when buying an apartment. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism, expertise and maximum commitment to me as a client. I have a very positive experience with Eurovilla and Mihaela. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Elena Vanić

"I would like to emphasize the successful cooperation with Mihaela and Eurovilla agency. Professionalism and commitment to the client is very visible in the approach of the whole agency, especially Mihaela. Mihaela is fully committed to her work and extremely patient and positive. She solved all the challenges in a blink of an eye! Eurovilla real estate and Mihaela are my recommendations to all future clients!"

Marko i Silva

"Professional, approachable and most importantly, it is important to them that everything is done properly. The most cost-effective purchase of value for money! I warmly advise buying real estate through Andrej and Eurovilla agency!"

Domagoj B.

"If you want to sell your property quickly and safely or to buy it, I wholeheartedly recommend Andrej and Eurovilla luxury real estate agency. They will both delight you with their advice and expertise and lead you to the final goal in a quick time. Thank you, Andrej!"

Vanja L.

"I would like to commend your agent Andrej Vučković for his professional, expert and cordial approach to the sale of our office space in Zagreb. Andrej was always available and carefully explained every part of the sale and process. Because of his approach, I would recommend you all and given the great experience. Looking forward to working with your agency again, a recommendation to everyone!"

Maja Peić

"I would like to praise Andrej who found us an ideal business space in an incredibly fast time! He was always available with a smile and extremely capable and professional. We are very pleased with our experience and will gladly recommend Andrej, as well as Euroville, to everyone!"

A. B.

"Andrej, thank you for the quick and professional presentation of the property, as well as organizing the lease of office space, and the expertise of you and the Eurovilla Agency in concluding contracts and resolving all other documents, which greatly simplifies the procedure because we have no time or knowledge to do process to the end, that's why we chose Eurovilla."

Sanja i Ivan

"I can say that because of Mr Gregović and the Eurovilla agency, our dream came true and we are finally living in our beautiful apartment. We sincerely recommend to everyone!"

Mislav Tir

"I am pleased to share with you my experience of the sale of my real estate, for which we hired Eurovilla agency, given that we have no experience in sales. We had the honour to work with Mr Gregovic who put a lot of effort. He answered all our questions and clarified all that is not clear to us who are not versed in the whole process. Ante was created for this job because he has patience for everyone and will quickly delight you with his accessibility, dedication and commitment."

Mirela i Mario Končar

"We can say only the best about Mr. Gregović - patient, responsible, kind and extremely professional. Good luck in your further work and thank you for being part of our search for the ideal apartment, which you eventually found for us."


"In the process of buying real estate, a lot can happen. If you do not have a reliable agent with you, this process can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Mr Gregovic made this process extremely pleasant. Everything that was agreed was done on time and without any stress. All praises!"

Antje Emrich

„Hallo, wir sind Kroatien-Liebhaber. So ging es auch nach fast 10 Jahren um die Suche einer Immobilie. Über das Internet suchten wir nach geeigneten Wohnungen. Viele Wohnungen vor Ort entsprachen nicht unseren Vorstellungen. Bis wir mit Mihaelas Hilfe eine Wohnung gefunden haben, die unseren Wünschen fast entsprach. Nach der Besichtigung war es wichtig, zu schauen, ist es unsere Wohnung. Hier half uns Mihaela drüber nachzudenken. Sie sagte, es ist eine gute Lage und wir haben das große Bad, was es sonst kaum in Wohnungen gibt. Nachdem mein Mann die Wohnung nochmals begutachten konnte, waren wir auch den Gedanken von Mihaela dankbar. Ja sie half uns in jedem Moment, wie wir sie brauchten.  Somit haben wir uns für die Wohnung entschieden. Ja es war eine gute Entscheidung.“

Jelena Ribarić

"I turned to Mihaela with the desire to find an apartment for myself. I told her my wishes: maximum distance from the city centre, room layout, budget. Mihaela recommended one apartment for me and I bought just that one. I live in it, I feel great. When I enter that apartment I feel it as my own. Everything suits me: distance from the centre, square footage, surroundings, neighbours. That apartment is a complete success."

Chris Bibich

"I want to say thank you to Mariji Okopni in regards to my purchase of coop apartment. All procedure was obvious and done on time. It was not easy for me to prepare documentation properly, but all this time I had professional advice from my lawyer Marija. And in the end, I got an excellent result!"

Lee Right

"Marija was well informed and smart. She was also helpful and kind. I would recommend her!"

Matija Šuk

"Marija has provided legal advice, and she was very professional. I found her to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Marija, I felt as though my condition was in expert and trustworthy hands, and she did not steer me wrong."

Petra Šujić

"I have worked with several letting agencies over the years, but Eurovilla agency is head and shoulders above the rest. Iva was very professional and helpful agent. I can thoroughly recommend them."

Adriana Stipić

"Iva was friendly and very professional. She kept regular contact with me, which meant I did not have to chase them at all. Iva was excellent at processing the sale.  All in all, I would highly recommend using Eurovilla services to anyone."

Boris Kovač

"I have been a tenant now for nearly two years. The whole renting experience was new to me, but the team at the real estate Eurovilla was fantastic and very understanding. They have always been easy to reach on the telephone and have been very efficient with repairs. Iva is especially lovely and is available even after hours to speak to. My whole experience with Eurovilla has been perfect, and I have already recommended to others to use."

Matt Smanson

"Definitely recommend real estate agency Eurovilla, and Iva kept us informed with all the information and progress on her side while buying our first house threw them. Thank you for your support."

Sladana Weir

"We appreciate Krešo's approach, friendly attitude, speed and understanding of the needs of film production as well as the extensive market knowledge he has shown many times in the search for apartments for film professionals. They were more than satisfied with the large selection of apartments offered in the short term. It is a pleasure to recommend Krešo and Eurovilla for their excellent work and the service they provide!"

Mario Mikulić

"Iva has extensive knowledge, and that makes her different when choosing an agent. Due to her attitude and friendly mood, working with her was a too lovely experience. She was fast, reliable and familiar with all aspects of real estate sales in Zagreb."

Marko i Almira Šapina

"Krešo is an extremely approachable man who, in a relaxed but professional style, guided me and my wife through the real estate sale. He has been fully accessible from the start and this is what we, as clients, value most. Thank you so much for your hard work!"

Vlasta i Velimira Dominković

Dear Mr. Svitlanović, I have been thinking for a long time that I would like to thank you in writing for a job well done during the sale of the apartment at 2 Ante Kovačića Street. If there was a grade of 100, you would surely deserve it. Your way of behaving, as with Ms. Maria, is very professional and warm, which leaves a deep trust in the clients. Thank you again, with kind regards.

Ivica Kovač

"Mr. Sergio Serdarušić and Eurovilla are truly the best of the best when it comes to real estate agencies in Croatia. Superior service, elegant aesthetics, professionalism, expertise, efficiency - all of this, as a party, I received from Mr. Serdarušić and his agency. Many have told me that my apartment will not be so easily sold, but Mr. Serdarušić found a buyer in a very short time. Everything went very smoothly, thanks to him and his employees. If I ever get the chance to recommend an agency to one of my acquaintances, that recommendation will always be Eurovilla. Greetings."

Luka Klarić

"Dear Sergio, I would like to thank you, for the nth time, for a fantastic job. You're an agent one can only wish for! From the part where your photographer photographed the real estate to consulting on ads, the legal part of buying and selling up until the very end - you were on a constant high level of efficiency, you did your job without one mistake. I had high expectations, and you managed to exceed them! Eurovilla and you have a warm recommendation from me. Thank you!"  

Sanja i Mario

“I would also like to thank you by e-mail for a job well done. We are pleased with the rental we have made. You were with us all the time and we’re sorry if we were too demanding about certain details, we really just wanted the best possible outcome. You, indeed, have had the utmost patience for all our requests, and because of that, we have only superlatives for you and Eurovilla. Also a big thank you to Marija, your lawyer, who was a pleasure to work with. Kind regards!”

Marija V.

"Dear Mr. Serdarušić, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, diligence, understanding and patience that you have shown in the whole process of selling our house. Your agency, Eurovilla, has justified its reputation and, as far as I'm concerned, raised the bar for all real estate agencies. The service you provided me was impeccable from start to finish and I will recommend you and your agency to all my acquaintances. Best regards!"


"Dear Mr. Tripalo, thank you very much for all that you have done in my search for a new apartment. I had some prejudice against real estate agencies, but you and your company cleared them completely! I'm typing this from my new apartment and I can't get the smile off my face because I'm so satisfied with my purchase! Thank you!"


"I would like to thank Mr. Gecic for a job well done in renting our apartment. We greatly appreciate his all-day accessibility and the fact that he had the patience for all our questions. We certainly recommend both him and Eurovilla. Cheers!"

Gordana Pavić

"Dear Lucija, what would I do without you? Thank you again for the fantastic service you provided in my real estate purchase, I am satisfied in every sense! To you and Eurovilla I send only words of praise! Best regards!”

Jasminka i Goran Sever

"Dear Sir, we wanted to inform you that we have successfully realized the sale, and this is mainly due to the expertise of your colleague Lucija Tikvić. She has made herself available from start to finish and we are very grateful for that. We got exactly what we wanted from an agency like Eurovilla: accuracy, professionalism and results. Thank you!"

Stipe i Denis Kovačić

"Dear Miss, thank you very much for the service you provided concerning apartment renting. You were extremely professional and working with you was a really enjoyable experience. Kind regards. "

Dario i Giovanna

"We just have to say that we are delighted with our new apartment, and all thanks to you, Miss Tikvić. I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us and to thank you again for your excellent work. We have not fully furnished the apartment yet, but this is just one part of this whole experience that we cannot wait to complete. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To you and your Eurovilla! "

Franjo i Ivana Tomić

“Dear Lucija, my wife and I are sending a big “hello” from our new home! We have already unpacked and realized that we have been looking for this for months! We especially thanked the friend who recommended you, and here we are sending you a review in the hope that potential clients will become clients and get rid of the problems and complications of buying a new home with your help.”

Ana Poljak

"Dear Mr. Črep, on behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank you for all that you have done for us in buying an apartment that we can now call ours. You have made every part of the process easier and your effort is something we will always appreciate. We only have words of praise for you and your company. Best regards!"

Zvonimir Repić

"I am delighted to have worked with Mr. Črep and Eurovilla Agency! Mr. Črep was extremely accommodating to our needs and was available at all times. I would commend him as well as the rest of Eurovilla! Thank you all for a job well done concerning the sale of our property!”

Branko Podgorelec

"Mr. Svitlanovic was responsible and up-to-date throughout our cooperation. From the beginning to the end of the collaboration he was on the same high level of quality and I would like to thank him for his excellent service!"

Karlo Grgac

"I'll be brief: an agent and an agency I could only wish for! I highly recommend Eurovilla! "  

Dubravka Škrobalj

“Hi there! I would like to thank Mr. Svitlanović and Eurovilla for the professionalism and hard work that they have invested in renting my apartment. I had no experience with real estate agencies and Mr. Svitlanovic and Eurovilla made my first agency experience extremely enjoyable and efficient. Thank you!"

Marko i Almira Šapina

"Krešo is an extremely approachable man who, in a relaxed but professional style, guided me and my wife through the real estate sale. He has been fully accessible from the start and this is what we, as clients, value most. Thank you so much for your hard work!"

Sandra i Vedran Mirkovic

"Hi! First of all, thanks for the extremely organized and easy search of the apartment and the friendly approach. The apartment is really beautiful and spacious, we feel like we have finally relaxed in a new and comfortable atmosphere. We still can't believe how lucky we were to have gotten you as an agent. The level of professionalism and the friendly approach delighted us. Thank you for devoting yourself to this endeavor as much as possible in trying to provide us with everything we imagined. Thanks and best regards!"

Jozo Marić

“Greetings! I would just like to thank Mr. Ukalovic for the high level of professionalism he has provided as an agent in our sale. He paid attention to every detail and was available at all times. A big thank you to both him and Eurovilla."

Ivan Reljić

"All praise goes to Eurovilla and Mr. Ivan for the fantastic job of mediating. From taking the pictures and taking over the apartment, through legal affairs and the conclusion of the sale - everything went very smoothly, mostly thanks to the efforts of young Mr. Ivan. I sincerely recommend!"

Vedrana Nikolić

“Dear Mr. Ukalovic, I would like to thank you for finding a seaside apartment quickly and efficiently. I admit I'm a little complicated when it comes to details, but you were able to find exactly what I was looking for and within my budget. Thanks a lot again!"

Danijela i Nikola G.

"Greetings! We just want to thank Mr. Ukalovic for an extremely pleasant and warm cooperation regarding the sale of our apartment. Specifically, we have been trying to sell it for a while, to study the sales process itself, but with Mr. Ukalovic the difficulties disappeared and everything was done in record time! All praise for the organization and effort! Definitely, an agency that we will turn to again for help."

Ratko K.

"Dear Mr. Guina, I will be short. I just want to thank you for the excellent service you and Eurovilla have provided. You deserve every praise, and more! Greetings."

Teuta i Stjepan

"Kind, efficient, courteous - in those words I would describe Mr. Guina. The agent was with us throughout the whole rental process and at no point did we feel neglected or ignored. We are satisfied with the service provided. Thank you!"

Monika i Hrvoje

“Dear Ivan! Thank you again for all you have done for us during our sale! We are very pleased with the result, you and the whole Eurovilla team. Maximum professionalism and courtesy, that's how I would describe you and your company. Cheers!"

Tomislav i Ena

"Mr. Guina was an agent we could only wish for: helpful, courteous, diligent and efficient. He was with us through all the steps of the sale and made the whole process much easier. We also liked the more relaxed atmosphere, which in no way undermined Mr. Guina's professionalism – quite the contrary! Thanks again!"


"We have been looking for an apartment for our family for a long time, after all, it is a big step in one's life. In the end, we are delighted to have worked with Eurovilla and Mr. Romac, who has worked extremely hard to find our, I can now say with pleasure, new apartment. Even though we had very specific requests, he gave us a vision of what something might look like, even though at first glance it seemed like everything we didn't want. He was constantly in touch, extremely patient and kind. Thank you, Frane!"

Saša Vuković

"Although I had an apartment that everyone told me would be difficult to sell, especially at the asking price, Frane quickly found a buyer for me and reached a price above my expectations. From him, as a professional, I got everything I expected: meticulousness, efficiency and dedication. A very pleasant man to work with! "

Đelo Hađiselimović

"I think renting an apartment is a delicate thing and I would not trust my apartment to anyone. However, it turned out that the decision to rent it through Eurovilla was more than good! Mr Romac is a very professional agent who, with his approach and way of making business, facilitated every problem we encountered. I would always choose Eurovilla. "

Borna Pavičić

"So far I have never worked with real estate agencies and I have to admit that my first experience was great, mostly thanks to Mr. Romac! He helped me in every way, from advice, through paperwork, right until the very purchase. He was always available and he quickly replied on all my questions. I would recommend, to everyone, working with him and this agency."

Obitelj Lulić

"Dragan was an important factor in finding our apartment. Without his advice, guidance and professionalism, our search would have been much more difficult. Both Dragan and the whole Eurovilla team were extremely friendly and professional, we are very pleased with the service provided!"

Borna Marić

"I had bad experiences with previous tenants, so I finally decided to rent my apartment through an agency. I didn't know what to expect, but the end result simply amazed me. It amazed me mostly because of the agent, Mrs. Dina Serdarušić, who is one of the more professional and capable people I have had the opportunity to work with. Mrs. Dina had the patience for each of my inquiries, however small or irrelevant they seemed. To Mrs. Dina, every question was important and she approached each one with seriousness and interest. Again, a big thanks to her and Eurovilla!"

Sara i Josip

"We only have words of praise for Mrs. Dina! Both she and Eurovilla proved to be a great choice. Namely, we have never cooperated with agencies before and we started our cooperation with Dina. She has been with us throughout the whole rental process, from rent terms, legal affairs, to the handover. She was constantly available for all our questions and concerns. Once again, thanks so much for everything, we are enjoying the new apartment!”

Josipa Borak

“A big thanks to Ms. Serdarušić for her hard and excellent work regarding the renting of our apartment. First of all, we'd like to thank her for being very approachable, smiling and professional throughout our collaboration. It was an extremely enjoyable experience to work with her and Eurovilla. Ms. Serdarušić always listened to our comments and remarks, which in the end produced the best possible result. We have worked with agencies before, but none have been as helpful as Eurovilla and its agents. Ms. Serdarušić is an agent you can only wish for. A huge thanks to her, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Martina Novak

"Dear Dina, I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for me. I knew that Eurovilla was among the top agencies in Croatia, but I was pleasantly surprised by you and your approach to business and people. Every aspect of renting our apartment went smoothly and it was like that mostly because of you, because you have ensured that with your responsibility, effort and professionalism. Thank you again, I will definitely recommend you to everyone!"

Ivana Telišman i Rodolfo Pereira

"In the summer of 2019, we had the pleasure of contacting your agency regarding a search for a rental flat. The esteemed agent, as a fantastic listener/communicator/mediator, recognized our needs and urgency after the first telephone contact. With his exceptional professionalism, information, accessibility and warm approach, he gained our confidence, which he justified by continuing to go quickly through the process of searching for an apartment with a final result that was interestingly positive for all involved. It was our first experience with Eurovilla, and thanks to Mr. Gečić it was extremely pleasing, so we are happy to recommend you."

Sara Pavišić

"Krunoslav is a very good agent, as well as a great person. When buying a new home it is very important to have trust in your agent and to know that you are in the right hands. Krunoslav is highly communicative and accessible. At any time of the day, he is extremely committed and prompt in dealing with all obstacles or simply in reaching an agreement. He is very patient and strives to explain in a layman's way all that you meet for the first time when buying or selling a flat. Buying or selling an apartment with Krunoslav will fly by like having a coffee with a friend. Cozy, simple and fast. Truly the best recommendations for agency. You are in the right hands with him."

Vesna R. Kovačević

"Through the Eurovilla agency, I bought an investment property and I rented it. The cooperation was fast, professional and done by an expert. I have worked with Agent Krunoslav Črep and all of the above applies to him - fast and professional, answering any questions, always available by phone or mail, maximally engaged to assist the client. I am delighted with the cooperation in both buying and selling real estate. My absolute recommendation for both the agency and the sales agent himself!"

Mirna Bogdan Mažuran

"I want to thank you for the mediation when renting my apartment. I have a particular need to write a few words of praise about your employee Valentina Šoštarić, who is extremely friendly and has professionally approached to preparing the apartment for rent and has found an adequate tenant in a short period."

Ivana Štefanić

"I sincerely recommend Eurovilla to anyone who wants to buy, sell, rent or lease real estate. I would especially commend Valentina with whom I worked in real estate rentals. Valentina ran the entire process professionally and quickly from organizing photographers, bringing clients, preparing documentation and everything necessary. She was always available and had all my questions answered. Considering the negative experience with previous agencies and tenants, I felt protected as a landlord at any time with Valentina and the legal service provided by Eurovilla. "

Igor Kuprešak

"Since becoming acquainted with Eurovilla and agreeing to sell the apartment, Valentina has made the sale easy and quick with her honesty and high-profile approach. Thank you, Valentina."

Tanja Nekrasov

"I was very pleased with the collaboration with Valentine, but also with the agency. The agent is fast, kind, efficient and available all the time for any questions and concerns. She was provided with the necessary support throughout the purchase process and after. I especially liked what the agency handled administrative details too, including bookkeeping. I'll be sure to contact them again if I sell/buy another apartment."

Vesna i Boris Leinert

t contact was very professional. During negotiations, conversations and bringing in customers, Valentina proved to be very communicative and able to think about both, Eurovilla's and our interests when buying and selling. We have to thank our dear Miss Valentina Šoštarić once more for helping us to the fullest and to save us from this, otherwise, great stress, such as selling an apartment.”

Ana Bulle

"I am highly pleased with the collaboration and superior services. The agents are extremely cordial, professional, always motivated to provide the requested service as quickly as possible. You have my recommendation!"


"At first our search for an apartment was a search for an English speaking agent. We were very lucky to meet Renato Tripalo. He is a person very skilled in real estate and also kind and discreet. Everything was very easy, communication worked perfect and the flat that he found for us was in excellent condition. We have to admit that his offer really was the best for us. We will definitely recommend him as an agent to our friends."

Miroslav L.

"Renato Tripalo always was, and still is, a true athlete, even when it comes to business. He dedicatedly and patiently searched the market for my request, which was not easy (that is why I sought help) and he found several solutions. I am grateful that he didn't waste my and try to fool me, but honestly mentioned the lack of an apartment, with great advice on how to fix it. The apartment I bought has 9 out of 10 of my initially imagined terms, and Renato as a middleman gets a rating of 10!"


"You know how stressful the search for an apartment is. You have the idea and the desire and the opportunity, but the market is closed or has complicated conditions. All this has been easily overcome with the help of a professional but friendly Renato Tripalo. In our new home, he will always be welcome for coffee!"


"Renato Tripalo is an extremely communicative and cordial person. He patiently listened to all the ideas and needs I have for the apartment, outlined its benefits, gave good customization tips, and led me through the buying process sovereignly. Service for every praise!"

Danijela Stepić

"On this occasion, I would like to thank Mrs Maria Okopna for her kindness, professionalism and great accessibility when drafting a sales contract."

Danijela Stepić

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your exceptional and friendly approach for all my questions regarding the purchase of the apartment, the kindness, the speed with which you completed all the activities, and I sincerely hope that we will continue to cooperate!"

Marija i Vladimir Drobnjak

"We are pleased to write a short review of our recently completed cooperation with Eurovilla about the sale of our apartment. We would like to emphasize Mr. Krunoslav Črep, who handled the case. Krunoslav is extremely professional and pleasant in his approach to clients and business. He is proactive, efficient and effective. Always ready to provide expert advice. All preparations on the sale, as well as the completion itself, when signing the contract of sale, were made flawlessly and in record time, with its unobtrusive assistance and without any complications. We can wholeheartedly recommend Eurovilla and Mr. Črep to our acquaintances and friends."

Maja Karanović

"As long-time clients and business partners (we cooperate with Eurovilla both privately and business-wise) we are extremely pleased with the cooperation and we are happy that there is such a professional and responsible agency in Croatia. From the very beginning, we worked with Sergio and Dina, and with the time we got to meet other agents (Katarina, Ena, Ivan, Krešo) and we only have words of praise for all of them. An agency to which we thoughtlessly leave the keys to the apartment, knowing there is no worry. Many thanks to the entire Eurovilla team, and we look forward to a continued successful cooperation!"

Sladana Weir

"Ena is dedicated, honest and transparent in business, a pleasant and kind person. Our foreign film staff was very pleased with her as well as with the Eurovilla agency, with whom we will continue to operate in new projects!"

Sladana Weir

"We appreciate Krešo's approach, friendly attitude, speed and understanding of the needs of film production as well as the extensive market knowledge he has shown many times in the search for apartments for film professionals. They were more than satisfied with the large selection of apartments offered in the short term. It is a pleasure to recommend Krešo and Eurovilla for their excellent work and the service they provide!"

Ivica Klapan

“As a buyer, I approached Eurovilla, explained to them what type of real estate I was interested in and in what part of the city, and then left all of the other activities to them. I received extremely helpful advice from agency staff that ultimately resulted in the purchase of the housing I wanted. I would like to emphasize the exceptional professionalism and friendliness of all Eurovilla staff, especially Mr. Serdarušić, and above all, Mrs. Katarina Prša, without whose help I certainly would not have bought the property I wanted. An agency for every recommendation and the employees should be an example to anyone involved in this business. ”

Jadranka Relja

"My first experience working with Eurovilla in real estate sales is extremely positive. The agent I worked with, listened carefully to my needs and desires, and within a very short time the sale was realized. Also, when buying, he tries to find a solution according to the customer's request, and in addition he knows the market well and has great ideas. Professional and approachable. The agency I will recommend for sure."

Stefanija Mikac

"Dear Katarina, thank you for your exceptional involvement in my search for the perfect home. As a Real Estate Agent in the United States, and as a client, I must say that you have shown an enviable level of patience and perseverance in our quest and have made a stressful search fun. Thanks again, I definitely recommend you to anyone! "

Dražen Kućan

"Dear Mr. Serdarušić, thank you for the good news. I believe that in the process of selling my real estate in Zahorova, you have once again proved how professional and capable you, your team and your esteemed company are. Mrs. Katarina deserves a big bouquet as soon as we see each other in Zagreb. Her selfless dedication and hard work earn great respect from my family and me."

Mili Jeličić Lovreković

"I want to share my impressions about your agent Katarina. I was lucky to have met such a wonderful young person and to have work with her last year. In a short period, we found an apartment that was exactly what I was looking for. From the beginning, I knew what I wanted, but the point was that she understood it too. It was a great pleasure to hang out with her because she is pleasant, intelligent and humorous. I often remember her... and always with a smile."

Maja Cvjektović Kević

"Dear Iva, I am very pleased with our cooperation. You were very professional, kind and amiable. Everything went as good as possible. I hope we will continue to cooperate. Thank you for everything!"  

Ana Šimić

"I would like to give you feedback on the work of one agent of yours. There is always room for criticism today, and if someone does something well, that goes without saying, but I think that you as the manager will appreciate that someone keeps the reputation of your company. That is why I would like to praise the work of Iva Dilber, her professionalism and approach to her work and the client."

Marija Jurlina

"Dear Iva, I was extremely pleased to cooperate with you. In your work you have shown professionalism, courtesy and kindness. Nice regards!"

Robert Travas

"Thank you for your hard work in helping me find an apartment to buy. As you know, the owners of the apartment I was looking at did not want to accept our offer. I want to tell you that I bought another apartment. Thank you for your effort and professionalism, and according to my experience, you are the best agency I've worked with, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and acquaintances when they have such a need."


"On this occasion, I thank Ena for her kindness, professionalism and hard work. For all the praise."

Pjerina Dekanović

"Dear Ena Cupać, thank you for the handover photos. Also, thank you for contributing to the client choosing to rent this apartment among hundreds of others on the market. You are fast, accurate and especially practical. That makes you special. I wish you all the joy and success in your work."

Mara Pavelić

"Dear Ena, thank you for the professionally done work. It was a pleasure working with you. Best regards!"

Bernard Ćavar

"Working with Dragan is a real pleasure. Professional, efficient, independent, reliable, Dragan is a great professional. Thanks to his professional and human qualities, we easily established the necessary trust between an agent and a client. He turned the usually stressful purchase of an apartment into an interesting adventure in which I've learned a lot. There is no doubt, I will continue to work with Dragan in the future and I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs the services of a real estate agent."

Krešimir Zmijanović

"Dear All, my cooperation with Mr. Dragan Arapović was more than good from the first day. I would describe Dragan as a very valuable professional. He is extremely skilled in the field of property law and, with this knowledge in practice, can evaluate very well the most diverse situations and respond to any real estate brokerage. He also possesses exceptional human qualities, honesty and diligence as well as the necessary dose of tact and competence in dealing with clients. Indeed, during our collaboration, I felt at all times that Dragan was holding all the threads firmly in his hands. Dragan, thank you for everything and I give you the best possible recommendation on this occasion."

Bozica Rados

"The search for the right real estate is stressful and demanding if you don't have the right agent. Dragan made our search easy and provided us with all the help we needed before and after the contract was completed. His strong communication, negotiation and organizational skills, as well as his confident and open mind, helped us to achieve the desired purchase in the shortest possible time. Buying a property through Eurovilla has truly been a pleasant experience."

Irena Radić Repač

"Regarding the business cooperation with the Eurovilla agency from Zagreb, I would like to emphasize that we were extremely pleased with the cooperation and that through the agency's mediation we also realized the sale. We would point out that Mr. Dragan Arapović was extremely professional, up-to-date, responsible and we are pleased with his involvement. As a person/agent, we would always recommend him to others, as we would choose him in the case of a new sale, purchase or rental of a property. Rating 10/10."

Iva Soldan

“In seeking a rental flat, I contacted several agencies, but only the Eurovilla agents had the patience for my requirements and to the end had done the necessary business to meet both my and the landlord's requirements. Fairness, efficiency, accessibility, professionalism and transparency are the features that set Euroville apart from other agencies. Nothing is impossible in Eurovilla!”

Goran Rice

“I'm working with your agency and I just signed the lease for an apartment yesterday with Ena Cupać. I came to Zagreb from abroad, and in the last month alone, I had 4 trips all around the world. I gave Ena a difficult task (not just to you and her, but to all the agents I've worked with in general). The task was to find a very specific apartment, in a very short period, because I wanted to be in Zagreb by the time the Christmas market started. Ena worked on this in abnormal hours. That's my rhythm, but I could not expect the agent to be available over the weekend and after 10 pm. But of course, she was, to the extent that I bought a ticket on Saturday night, traveled through Sunday and came to Zagreb in the evening - all in co-operation with Ena who made sure that then we can look at the apartments. We have already signed a lease on Monday! Perfect. Well done, Ena, and good job! Make sure you reward her because the situation is such that 90% of agents in Zagreb are unfortunately the opposite of Ena's professionalism. Thank you!”

Kristina and Hrvoje Šunjić

“Dear Iva, making the decision to move seemed easy at first. The idea of creating a new home was romantic to us until we met the real estate market. Faced with all the ads, agencies and brokers, we chose wisely and did not doubt our decision for a moment.  From the first contact with Mrs. Iva Dilber, we were convinced that we’re working with someone who will help us build a home, not just a real estate agent. Mrs. Dilber and the whole Eurovilla team have proved to be reliable partners and offered extremely professional guidance in sometimes demanding bureaucratic conundrums. The Eurovilla team adhered to all the requests and demands that came both from us and the other party, and perfectly and timely reacted to all the changes that took place during negotiations and buying. That is why we warmly thank both Iva and Eurovilla for helping us to preserve the initial enthusiasm and romantic experience of building a home again.”

Elvir Lulić

“I would like to thank you once again for your service and constant support while buying my Jarun apartment. I bought the apartment as a foreign citizen from Slovenia, and I have to say that Mr. Ivan Guina and Mr. Dragan Arapović were extremely professional and they have done practically everything from the OIB number up to the land-registry entry. I'm still in touch with Mr. Guina about post-sales activities and he’s always at my disposal. I would recommend the agency and Mr. Ivan to everyone who’s not from Croatia but wants to get a property in Zagreb in a safe and fast way. Thanks for the cooperation and kind regards!”

Ivana Paliska

“Dear all! As you know, I met Katarina when selling my apartment. She is a very pleasant and open person, although very young in the role of a real estate agent, she managed everything perfectly, particularly all the bureaucratic jobs related to the sale of the apartment. Despite the fact that she worked with clients who were slightly older than her, she was doing well in that situation, so the whole process was fun, and she turned a somewhat tense and unpleasant situation about selling the apartment into a pleasant experience. All I can say about her is that she is a young, smart and beautiful girl who is doing her job well. Kind regards to everyone!”

Mato Matić

“While looking for real estate in Zagreb, we met with a lot of agencies. Since we’re living abroad, we were not aware that the process would be so demanding. After a while, we got in touch with Eurovilla and soon found the property that suited us, and with the benefits offered by Eurovilla, we quickly purchased it. The fact that everything was done promptly, the expertise of the agents, the ease of communication and the trust we had built are a guarantee that our cooperation will continue. Hereby I would like to thank Eurovilla agency, and especially Mr. Armando and Mrs. Katarina for their extremely professional approach, kindness and engagement during the mediation of buying the apartment.”

Ivan Rudež

"The Eurovilla team, and especially Dina, are operating with the highest precision and professionalism. It was a pleasure and, at the same time, incredibly helpful to collaborate with them because they are ready to act 24/7 and they make sure that the client is taken care of in the best way possible."

Tanja Grgić

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Mr. Sergio Serdarušić from Eurovilla as the best agent we have come across in Croatia. Mr. Serdarušić helped us two times. First, when we decided to move to Croatia in 2014, he responded to all our requests immediately. He is an honest, highly energetic and hardworking professional who always goes the extra mile. Secondly, Mr. Serdarušić was our Agent of choice when the time came to look for a new home. And once again, he impressed us and went beyond our expectations with his enthusiastic work ethic, providing a professional approach and skilled negotiation. He always follows through, has a vast amount of knowledge, listens attentively and is a person you can trust.We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Sergio Serdarušić from Eurovilla Agency, and are very grateful for all the hard work Mr. Serdarušić and his Team have done to make the process of renting and purchasing a home such a pleasurable experience.“



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