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Istria and Kvarner

Istria and Kvarner

Croatian Tuscany, an unavoidable point for gourmets and lovers of charming cities

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One of the most important historic and touristic places in Croatia

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The largest city, capital of Croatia and its economic center

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New buildings in Zagreb

Find your dream apartment in one of the quality new buildings in the metropolis

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Business premises in Zagreb

See a wide range of attractive business premises in Zagreb area

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Quality new construction

In Tar, in a quiet location, the construction of a modern and high-quality residential building with 11 residential units begins. The building consists of the ground floor, first, second, and third floors. There will be three apartments on each floor, while there will be two on the ground...

Grebaštica, new building

Modern building with five spacious apartments, each with its own parking space. It is located only 130 meters from the sea, offering an ideal combination of comfort and proximity to the beach. Each apartment is equipped with PVC shutters, air conditioning and elegant tiles. We especially...


Top project of a total of 10 apartments, consists of an underground garage, ground floor, first floor and a raised floor. In the basement there are garage parking spaces and storage rooms, the ground floor are apartments with a garden (2s of 53m2, 3s of 69m2 and 77m2, and 4s of 86m2), the 1st...

Medvedgradska luxury living

Medvedgradska street, EXCLUSIVE NEW BUILDING with a total of 9 apartments in one of the best and most attractive locations in the city. Close to the Kaptol center and only a few minutes\' walk to the city center and Ban Josip Jelačić square. Close to all important facilities for life: shops,...

P. Cavtat

Cavtat, a new construction, project of two residential buildings with a garage The construction of residential buildings is reinforced concrete with a facade and insulation of 10 cm stone wool, the openings are PVC/ALU with three-layer glass and shutters, the door to the apartment is...

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Branka Susnjara

An excellent agency for renting apartments. I would especially like to praise the work of Mr. Vedran Bekavac, who entered the project full of enthusiasm and excellent ideas for decorating the apartment for rent. Mr. Vedran is an open, communicative and cordial person. During the whole process, he was available for all our questions. We rented the apartment in record time at a great price. I would recommend the agency to anyone who intends to rent, sell or buy real estate. I wish the whole team, and especially Mr. Vedran, much success in their future work. Thank you and all the best

Vikler & Ruz

Great agency. Best offer, legal support. Guina fantastic, Maria great. Recommendations

Vanja Milovac

Professionalism at a high level and the right choice for a real estate broker. The work and commitment of Mr. Dino Chedid, who found ideal tenants in a very short time, should be especially highlighted and praised. He was available at all times, successfully coordinated all the parties' wishes and requests, in one word, excellent. Recommendation to anyone who intends to buy, sell and/or rent real estate. To the entire team of the Eurovilla agency, we wish them much success in their further work and may they continue to do so

Mate Franjic

We did everything over the phone with the greatest professional in the world, Dino Cedid, so we live in Austria, we were not able to come to Zagreb every so often, so we decided on EUROVILLA, because someone seems to be dealing with it, and when it is sold, we were struck by a gentleman Dino Cedid, on Friday he took over the keys to the apartment, on Monday the apartment was sold, the next Friday we solved all the paperwork with the buyer, so we arrived almost a week after the gentleman took over the keys....the man is incredible, positive and realistic...thank you eurovilla and thank you Dino !!

sanja ovcar

I chose Agent Matteo based on his recommendation, and because I am familiar with his dedicated and professional approach to work. What I liked most was that he listened to my wishes and suggestions and found the best possible office space for me. Thank yo

Mario Brnic

Kudos to Mr. Guina. Never before have we experienced such access and availability 0-24. He always finds compromise solutions for the client. Absolutely to recommend!

Frequently asked questions

We bring you a list of the most frequently asked questions and our professional answers, and we hope they will help you in your buying and selling process. However, we are also available to you personally for these and all your other questions and support.


The buyer of a real estate in the Republic of Croatia pays real estate transfer tax in the amount of 3% of the agreed purchase price or the market price assessed by the tax administration. The buyer of a real estate in Croatia may be exempted from the obligation to pay the real estate sales transfer tax if the buyer meets all the conditions set out by the Tax Administration of the Republic of Croatia.



The tax report is considered submitted once the documents prepared by a notary and court are filed in the Tax Administration office. A real estate transfer taxpayer is obliged to fill in and file the Real Estate Transfer Report file only if the document is not certified by a public notary or has not been issued by a court or a public institution within the scope of their competences under certain conditions. The competent tax authority issues a Provisional Tax Statement or Tax Statement on the payment of real estate transfer tax.



Citizens or legal entities registered in a Member State of the European Union can acquire the ownership right of a real estate located in the Republic of Croatia if they meet the conditions for the acquisition of ownership rights applicable to the citizens of the Republic of Croatia and legal entities established in the Republic of Croatia, except for the real estates located in the exempted areas such as agricultural land. Such foreign national does not need to require any approval nor any certificate from the Ministry of Justice to acquire the ownership rights of a real estate in the Republic of Croatia.

Foreign nationals or legal entities residing or registered outside the EU Member States need to receive the approval for the acquisition of property ownership rights in the Republic of Croatia from the Ministry of Justice, which they can receive only if the reciprocity rights are met for the acquisition of ownerships of a real estate in the Republic of Croatia between the country of a citizen's residence or registration, and the Republic of Croatia. The list of countries which meet the reciprocity rights can be found in the section Information on reciprocity in the acquisition of property ownership rights between the Republic of Croatia and countries other than the European Union Member States, the Republic of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Kingdom of Norway, and the Swiss Confederation.



A Tenancy Agreement can be prepared by our team of lawyers. Before drawing up an Agreement, our legal team verifies the land registry data for each property in detail. The parties are required to notarize the purchase-sale agreement in the presence of the agent, while the tenancy agreements may be notarized at the request of the contracting parties. The notarization of a purchase-sale agreement in the Republic of Croatia is carried out by a public notary, while such agreements can be notarized in the diplomatic consular offices of the Republic of Croatia abroad or in case of foreign nationals at the public notary abroad, where they are most commonly apostilled.



A solemnized tenancy agreement is an agreement concluded between a landlord and a tenant at a notary public. In addition to verifying the form of the agreement, a notary public confirms the contents of an agreement, especially if such an agreement contains an enforcement clause that protects the Landlord in the event that the Tenant fails to fulfill his contractual obligations. Although there is no obligation to conclude a solemnized tenancy agreement, the solemnization has many advantages, and we highly recommend solemnizing a tenancy agreement. A landlord is protected by an enforcement clause against all kinds of risks such as the collection of overdue and unpaid rents, overheads, or any damages to the property. An immediate enforcement is carried out on all the Tenant's movable and immovable property, and on all accounts of third parties involved in the Tenant's payment transactions. If a tenant does not hand over to a Landlord the subject real estate, free from all persons and things connected to or pertaining to the Tenant, upon the expiration of the tenancy agreement or the notice period as regulated by the agreement, the notary public shall, at the landlord's request, affix a certificate of enforceability to the tenancy agreement.



To obtain a PIN/OIB in the Republic of Croatia, a foreign national must go to a tax administration office and fill out the Request for assigning a personal identification number and enclose a copy of his/her passport or a European identity card if he/she is a citizen of the European Union. In case of a foreign legal entity, it is necessary to submit the Articles of Association (decision or excerpt from the competent register along with the Request for assigning PIN/OIB) in the tax administration office. All the documents must be in the Croatian language or translated into the Croatian language by a certified court interpreter.




The permanent place of residence is the place and address in the Republic of Croatia where the person permanently resides based on which he/she exercises his/her rights and obligations, while the registered address is the place and address in the Republic of Croatia where the person temporarily resides. Temporarily registered address needs to be reported to the authorities if a person lives there for more than three months. Place of residence and temporary registered address must be reported to the competent police administration/police station in charge of the area where the person wishes to report his/her place of residence or register his/her address.




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