Eurovilla operates according to the Decision on fulfilling the conditions for performing real estate brokerage issued by the Ministry and is registered with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

What is the price of Eurovilla services?

There are no costs for searching for real estate on, or real estate tours and expert consultation with our agents.

If you decide to sell or rent your home with us, we will charge you a fee that allows us to provide you with the best possible service, from advertising through various portals and print editions of all the most widely read newspapers in Croatia, to a large customer base and qualified and professional agents who will approach sales professionally and seriously. Based on our contracts and long-term cooperation, we enable you to advertise real estate in Večernji list, Jutarnji list, Oglasnik, 24 sata, in prominent positions on Njuškalo, Index, as well as on many other portals. We have a very short average sale period of property (90 days), if the price is set realistically.

If you are buying or renting your new home, your Agent will inform you of all rights and obligations as well as the amount of the brokerage commission.

THE PRICE LIST of intermediary commissions for a mediation performed during the purchase, exchange, lease and rental of real estate, in accordance with Art. 27 and 28 of the Real Estate Brokerage Act (OG 14/14).

The commission is charged as a percentage of the total achieved purchase price.


Commission for mediation in the sale of real estate (charged from the seller):

  • 3 - 5%, but not less than 7,000 kn


Commission for mediation when buying real estate (charged from the buyer):

  • 4% + tax of the purchase price

RENTING AND LEASING - commission from the landlord and lessor

Percentage of monthly rent

  • 75% Minimum
  • 100% For rent or lease lasting from 12 to 36 months
  • 150% Minimum for rent or lease for a period of 36 months (3 years) and more

RENTAL AND LEASE - commission from the tenant and the lessee

Percentage of monthly rent

  • 75% Minimum for rent
  • 100% For rent or lease lasting from 12 to 36 months
  • 150% Minimum for rent or lease for a period of 36 months (3 years) and more

All prices are subject to VAT.

A Cooperation Agreement is signed with each client.



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