Maksimir and Remete

Maksimir and Remete

Maksimir is a city district that hides much more than can be seen by driving down Maksimirska or Bukovačka roads. Maksimir Park is the most famous part of the neighborhood of the same name and one of the main reasons Maksimir is becoming an increasingly popular location when choosing an apartment or house. Due to high demand and older buildings, there are more and more new buildings hidden in the greenery; you can find some of the most beautiful houses and villas in Zagreb. The past atmosphere in the Maksimir district can still be felt toda...

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Maksimir is a city district that can give much more than it appears while driving along the Maksimirska or Bukovačka road. Maksimir Park is the most famous part of this area and one of the main reasons why Maksimir is becoming an increasingly popular residential location. Due to high demand, besides older buildings, there are more and more new ones being built and concealed in the greenery. You can also find some of the most beautiful houses and villas in Zagreb in that area. A part of the atmosphere of old Zagreb can still be felt today in the most beautiful Zagreb park or, in Remete, the old settlement on the slopes of Medvednica mountain. Thanks to these localities, this diverse and interesting neighbourhood became well known far beyond Zagreb even before it became an integral part of the narrow urban area.


The Maksimir Center for Culture and Information is in charge of the rich cultural and entertainment programs of this area.  Each week, in Maksimir you can find many interesting events, from exhibitions by local and renowned artists, amateur art, to diverse music programs, concerts, theatre venues, film festivals and interesting forums about local and global events.  The way to the Zagreb ZOO stretches through the thick shade of the Maksimir Park trees.  It was founded in 1925, and today it houses over 350 animal species and more than 7800 individual animals from every continent.  It is a perfect destination for families with children and we can't imagine a better way to spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon with your loved ones than at an entertaining and educational setting like this one.


Befitting a fast-growing urban neighbourhood, Maksimir is abundant with a multitude of cafes, diners and restaurants. Not to reveal all the gastronomical aces that this neighbourhood has up in its sleeve, we bring you only a small part of its rich gastronomic offer. If you are a pizza fan, we believe Duksa will become your new favourite place.  Apart from their well-known culinary delights, Duksa is also known for its pleasant ambience where you can have a cup of coffee while reading the news. On the Bukovačka Road, you can visit the world-renowned Submarine restaurant, and in the vicinity of the Maksimir stadium, there is the Ožujsko pub "Maksi", a place ideal for socializing, beer, fine food, sport and music.

Sport and nature

When we say sport in Maksimir, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Maksimir football stadium. Besides being home of  GNK Dinamo Zagreb, it is often the venue of the Croatian national football team's matches. For all tennis fans, there is a Tennis Center in the vicinity where besides tennis you can also play squash. In the district, you can find over 20 different gym, fitness and aerobic centres, and if you prefer the old faithful running and walking,  the above mentioned Maksimir Park is the perfect place for you.



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    Dr. Ante Starcevica 24

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