Zagreb has been a modern European metropolis, with modern facilities and a strong character for some more significant time. As the dominant and strong capital of the Republic of Croatia, it confirms the thesis of its importance. As the administrative, economic, economic and in general the largest urban center, Zagreb includes all the mechanisms necessary for the functioning of a young, but historically significant and more than influential European state with a strong Western spirit. The cultural capital and business energy of the city of Zagreb, put it in a strong strategic place and a key position in this part of Europe. Desirable for tourists and investors alike, year after year Zagreb is building its strength and identity on the geopolitical picture of modern Europe. Real estate in Zagreb, in most cases, is the most desirable, both for domestic clients and foreign buyers. It is obvious that Zagreb is of primary importance to both you and us, so let us be at your service in what we do best, and that is finding your new home in our and your city.

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Everything you first think of when someone says Zagreb belongs to this neighborhood. This is the most densely populated part of Zagreb, with extraordinary people and real estate diversity. Therefore, we can say that Donji Grad provides “something for everyone”, and what everyone who buys real estate here has in common is that they will always be in the city bustle and be at the center of all city events. Donji Grad exudes both luxury and urban at the same time and is an excellent combination of the most beautiful...

Tuskanac and Gornje Prekrizje

Tuškanac has always been a symbol of luxury and a residential area intended for the richest and most powerful. The residential character of this zone is probably the most prominent of all regions in the Republic of Croatia. To date, nothing has changed, especially if we look at that street along with its extension, the street. Gornje Prekrižje, where some of the most beautiful and expensive new residences have been built in the last 20 years or so. This part of Zagreb bears the epithet of the most expensive, most...


Šalata is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Zagreb, located on the slopes of Medvenica and just above Vlaška Street. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Gornji grad. It is known as the most beautiful neighborhood for family life. Everything here is made to measure for the family, so there is a lot of greenery, good schools, kindergartens, colleges, and a significant sports and recreation center. This neighborhood was most desirable for academics, doctors, lawyers, and “families with a rich...

Maksimir and Remete

Maksimir is a city district that hides much more than can be seen by driving down Maksimirska or Bukovačka roads. Maksimir Park is the most famous part of the neighborhood of the same name and one of the main reasons Maksimir is becoming an increasingly popular location when choosing an apartment or house. Due to high demand and older buildings, there are more and more new buildings hidden in the greenery; you can find some of the most beautiful houses and villas in Zagreb. The past atmosphere in the Maksimir district...

Tresnjevka North

Trešnjevka north is also better known as the old Trešnjevka, which is the heart of Trešnjevka. The neighborhood, which used to be a green oasis near the city center, was named after the abundance of wild cherries that grew in the vast and vast fields. It began to develop in the second half of the 19th century in parallel with the railway construction. Since then, until today, Trešnjevka has been known as a "workers' district" primarily due to its excellent connections with all parts of Zagreb, both road and public...

Jarun and Vrbani

Jarun and Vrbani are neighborhoods full of life and a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. An interesting combination of youth and family life is connected by sports, spacious green parks, and the eponymous lake for swimming and recreation. While young families will enjoy the additional sporting activities and security that these neighborhoods offer for children, those in love with the nightlife of Zagreb will find here a handful of nightclubs and restaurants that will provide them with everything they need.



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