Ploče, Baćina, modern new building

Residential construction project

116.000 - 278.000 €
Available apartments:40 / 40

Region: Dubrovačko-neretvanska

Municipality: Ploče

Neighbourhood: Baćina

Street: Gračka ulica


The newly built multi-apartment building is located in Ploče i

it was designed as a free-standing building with three slats: A, B, C, floors P+4, i.e.:

ground floor and four floors:

• ground floor - covered parking spaces, garages and storage rooms

• first floor - apartments

• second floor - apartments

• third floor - apartments

• fourth floor - apartments

There are 19 uncovered parking spaces on the lot. On the ground floor of the building there are 20 covered parking spaces, 12 garages and 40 storage rooms for the needs of the tenants. Communication between floors is achieved by a staircase and an elevator that passes through all floors - from the ground floor to the 4th floor. The load-bearing part of the structure consists of ab walls, columns, beams and flat mezzanine ab panels. The load-bearing ab walls are 20 cm thick, the ab flat plate thickness is 20 cm. The foundation of the building will be constructed as a reinforced concrete base plate with a thickness of 50 cm. Partition walls are partially made of ytong elements with a thickness of 10 - 12 cm, and partially plaster - cardboard thickness. 10 and 12 cm. All reinforced concrete and structural elements, such as horizontal, vertical and inclined anti-seismic cerclages, lintels, beams, stairs, slabs and others, are made of reinforced concrete of the brand and reinforcement according to the static calculation.

The facades of the building are treated with a demit facade and a final layer in the tone of the investor's choice with the approval of the designer. All interior walls of the rooms, depending on the construction, are smoothed, that is, plastered and painted with dispersive white paint. The walls covered with ceramic tiles are plastered with cement mortar. The ceilings are smoothed and after smoothing and other preparatory work, painted with a dispersive white paint. The walls in the bathrooms are covered with ceramic tiles (glazed) up to the height of the doorframe, and in the kitchen between the kitchen elements (height approx. 60 cm). Ceramic floor tiles are laid on the bathroom floors. On the loggia and balcony floors, ceramic tiles are also installed in cement glue, as long as they are unglazed (non-slip). All ceramic tiles are first class. Finished three-layer oak parquet d=1.40 cm, width 10-15 cm (one slat) is laid on the floors of the rooms and the living room. The stairs are lined with 1.4 cm thick porcelain ceramic tiles. The external openings will be constructed as PVC positions glazed with 3-layer iso glass, and there is a sliding shutter on the facade. The entrance doors in the apartments are anti-burglary, fire-resistant T-30. The internal doors are wooden, with smooth wings, with drywall doorframe, height 210 cm. In the building, the installation of water supply and sewerage, installation of strong and weak current, telephone installation, antenna device, lightning protection installation, internal voice device, ventilation installation, elevator and indoor and outdoor air conditioning device (1 per apartment), all in accordance with current regulations, will be carried out. .

Start of construction 07.2024. year, and moving in is scheduled for June 2026. years.

For all other information on request.

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Flats in the project



    Berislaviceva 4

    15 Gajeva Street

    Radnicka cesta 52, Green Gold

    Horvacanska cesta 160

Split, Mike Tripala Street 4

Rovinj, Promenade of the Council of Europe, ACI Rovinj

Pula, Ciscuttijeva 7

Porec, Partizanska street 4

Dubrovnik, Dr. Ante Starcevica 24




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