Ecotectura Townhouse Residence, Zagreb

Residential construction project

560.000 - 595.000 €
Available apartments:3 / 10

City: Zagreb

Neighbourhood: Črnomerec

Neighborhood: Bijenik



Ecotectura Townhouse Residence is a residential area consisting of 5 buildings and a total of 10 apartments. Each building consists of two duplex apartments, each with an area of 150 m2 of interior space or more. The buildings are designed according to the requirements of nZEB, the primary energy in energy class A+.

Each building contains a garage with two parking spaces (intended for the Penthouse Residence) and an additional two outdoor parking spaces (intended for the Garden Residence apartment).

The planned move-in is at the begining of 2024.

Garden Residence - Welcome to your green oasis!

This duplex apartment is designed to inspire you to stay in it, find your refuge from the city noise, and take advantage of all the benefits that owning a private garden offers. A piece of nature is brought to your family in the palm of your hand, and a place for a perfect and carefree childhood is brought to your youngest ones.

The apartment is accessed from the yard where there is a living room (living room, dining room, kitchen, and toilet) while on the upper floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms (with bath and shower). If you enjoy your privacy and long for nature and your family garden, Garden Residence will leave you breathless.

Penthouse Residence - Welcome above the clouds!

Bearing in mind the invaluable observation and admiration of nature, this duplex apartment is designed precisely to allow you to enjoy the present moment. Staying in it will inspire you to enjoy life, and the large terrace will give you an irreplaceable view of Zagreb's greenery and the possibility of many outdoor gatherings.

Access to the apartment is provided directly from the garage, which leads to the living part of the apartment (living room, dining room, kitchen, and toilet) while on the lower floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms (with bath and shower).

Investor consistency - top quality, is present in the choice of materials, design solutions, and details. High-quality sanitary equipment, heating, cooling, and ventilation from one hand, ALU joinery with protective ClimaGuard Solar coatings, and many other specifics will satisfy even the most demanding owners. Also, keeping in mind the importance of personal touch that you will want to leave in the apartment you will soon call yours, we offer a choice of additional elements such as sockets for electric charging in the garage and fireplace installation in the Penthouse Residence apartment and the like.

The project represents a place that brings a perfect balance between urban and nature, between high technological standards and aesthetics as well as between practicality and luxury. A place that results in sustainable living with the technologies of the future and their application.


Location is an integral part of any good story. We found the perfect one, in the north of Zagreb, in the Podsljeme zone - the settlement of Bijenik. Only 5 minutes drive from the Sveti Duh Clinical Hospital, 16 minutes from the Zagreb Cathedral and the main town square (Ban Josip Jelačić), 18 minutes from the Main Station, and 26 minutes from Maksimir Park.

This location in itself provides the balance that you strive for - it is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and at the same time close enough to all social and business events. The location will win you over with the view of Zagreb, precisely because the apartments are located on a green slope. Greenery, silence, and peace, are just minutes from the center. Perfect, as we said.


One of the most important characteristics of this construction is sustainability. Sustainability in the form of materials used, systems (green roofs, green walls, heating and cooling systems - heat pumps) but also retaining walls. The basic construction of residential buildings is performed by the CLT system (cross-laminated timber - wooden cross-laminated rocks and solid wood ceilings) which has been carefully selected thanks to its exceptional advantages over other materials. The CLT system, in addition to having a direct positive impact on the environment (compared to other building materials, using the CLT system reduces the global warming potential by almost 30%) and generates negligible amounts of waste stands out as a building material of exceptional load capacity. Good sound insulation properties, but also thermal properties make it a better material than traditional wooden logs, steel, and concrete. Also, CLT systems have a high fire resistance due to their structure and method of processing - a fire on the surface of the CLT panel creates a charred layer that prevents oxygen from entering from the outside (the most common cause of fire) which does not spread the fire. The use of steel and wood, which have ductile and elastic properties, achieves a better ability to "move" without cracking, thus achieving excellent anti-seismic properties. Ventilated facade with a finished wood finish is an additional element of energy conservation.


Special attention is paid to the amount of daylight. It is ensured by the use of Windor aluminum joinery at full floor height, ie by the floor-to-ceiling glass with double IZO glass and ClimaGuard Solar protection (provides high protection from the sun in summer and provides excellent top quality).

Security is guaranteed by anti-burglary entrance doors made of massive oak elements, equipped with a lock with triple locking and hidden hardware.


Guided by the intention to provide natural ventilation inside each apartment, but also by the intention to aesthetically connect the interior and exterior, an atrium has been installed in each apartment. Nature, which served us as the greatest inspiration, was also put at the center of attention in this way.


Each building contains a garage with two parking spaces (Penthouse Residence) with direct access to the apartment and an additional two outdoor parking spaces (Garden Residence) for which there is also the possibility of closing in a separate garage space.

The entrance to the garage is provided by rolling shutters with an electric motor for remote opening.


The external staircase, as well as the access road, are paved with concrete pavers. Retaining walls are made in a system of reinforced earth, to preserve green areas.

The neutral color has an aesthetic function, considering that it complements the appearance of the facade in terms of tones, and at the same time, with its neutrality and unobtrusiveness, it leaves nature to which the residential building is surrounded to take the lead role.


The load-bearing system of the buildings consists of a system of wooden cross-laminated rocks and ceilings (CLT - cross-laminated timber) made of solid wood 10 and 16 cm thick in combination with steel profiles and reinforced concrete foundation slabs 18 and 20 cm thick. The roof is made in the form of a skeletal system of wooden and steel beams and a wooden CLT board for additional stabilization. The interior includes 12.5 cm thick gypsum partition walls (double panels) and prefabricated staircases of steel construction and wooden treads.


Bearing in mind the sustainability, but also the long-term financial savings of future owners, the investor opted for thermal insulation of wood fibers, 14 cm thick. An additional special feature is the ventilated facade with a finished coating of burnt spruce boards from the renowned manufacturer Degmeda. Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method of preserving wood, which involves lightly burning the surface of the wood, without burning the whole piece, making it waterproof, fireproof, more durable, and long-lasting. In addition to all the above, the choice of finished wood paneling is ideal because of the special aesthetic appearance that provides the living space, which makes it even more special.


The flat roof is insulated with thermal insulation and waterproofing with a polyurethane coating resistant to UV radiation. As a final layer in the passable part, ie on the terrace, ceramic tiles were placed on the pedestals for height adjustment. The impassable part of the roof is finished with a layer of gravel or is made in the form of an extensive green roof that does not require maintenance, with waterproofing polyurethane layer resistant to plant rot, anti-root film, water retention tubs to prevent drying of plants and final vegetation substrate for green roofs. A 30 cm wide pebble edge strip promotes drainage of rainwater.


As a source of heat and cooling energy, a heat pump - Vaillant - is provided. The heat pump works on the principle of using renewable energy sources, which directly affects the reduction of CO2, while providing you with heating in winter, cooling in summer, and preparation of hot water throughout the year. They take up minimal space and are quiet. Since the heat pump for heating / cooling your living space uses environmental energy, heating bills can be reduced by up to 75%. The choice of heat pumps was logical given the fact that in the last 20 years, compared to heat pumps with gas condensing devices, savings of 54 tons of CO2 have been made.

For heating each apartment, underfloor heating is provided with reheating by ceiling duct units, while for cooling each apartment, floor cooling and air conditioning with ceiling duct units are provided.

You control the entire system via the sensoCOMFORT wall controller as well as via the mobile application.


Fresh air should not be a luxury. It is for this reason that the investor took care of air recovery. Air recovery is the process of exchanging indoor waste air with outdoor fresh air and takes place inside a ventilation unit with heat recovery. In this way, we get rid of waste CO2 and at the same time, we deliver fresh air to the living space, without losing heat from the heated space. The air recuperator contains a filtration system that prevents the entry of pollen and dust, which ensures much higher air quality.


There is a growing demand in the world for a climate-friendly energy supply. By installing photovoltaic systems, you contribute to the preservation of the environment. But above all, at a time of rising electricity costs, you are further saving energy and money and reducing your dependence on energy supply.


Each apartment has a separate water meter. Low-noise pipes are installed in the drainage verticals.


Each apartment has a separate meter for electricity consumption. The lighting of the outdoor area and the entrance area is provided by lighting on motion detectors.


The bathrooms are equipped with high-quality sanitary equipment - Laufen sanitary ware complemented by Grohe equipment and Tece sanitary system and underfloor heating.

Other information on request.

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