Kraljevec, NEW BUILDING of luxury apartments

Residential construction project

910.000 - 1.287.000 €
Available apartments:3 / 3
Available houses/villas:1 / 1

City: Zagreb

Neighbourhood: Gornji Grad - Medveščak

Neighborhood: Kraljevec

Street: Kraljevec 20E


The newly designed residential building with three residential units consists of a basement, ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd recessed floor (G+D+1+Uk), split floor plan with a flat impassable roof. In the basement floor of the residential building, there will be one garage space per apartment, as well as an auxiliary space for basic purposes and a storage room. There is one residential unit each on the ground floor and on the first floor and the recessed floor. All apartments have their own terraces. Vertical communication of the building is carried out via an open two-legged staircase and elevators that go directly to the apartment.


The load-bearing structure will be made entirely of reinforced concrete. The building is based on a foundation slab 50 cm thick. The vertical load-bearing structure consists of reinforced concrete walls and columns with a thickness of 20 and 25 cm. The mezzanine construction is made as a flat monolithic reinforced concrete slab 18 and 20 cm thick, supported on beams and walls. Staircases, landings and intermediate landings are reinforced concrete.


The roof of the 1st floor is flat, passable, thermally insulated with XPS with a minimum thickness of 16 cm (two layers, 8+8 cm), on which a waterproofing TPO membrane is laid. The vapor barrier under XPS is made of a bitumen membrane with an aluminum foil insert. The roof is finished with ceramic tiles on pads. The roof of the 2nd floor is flat, impassable, thermally insulated with mineral wool of a minimum thickness of 16 cm (two layers, 8+8 cm), on which a waterproofing TPO membrane is laid. The vapor barrier under the mineral wool is made of a bitumen membrane with an aluminum foil insert. The roof is finally covered with gravel.


On the visible walls of the facade, the ETICS system is implemented with thermal insulation from mineral wool panels with a minimum thickness of 15 cm. Decorative plaster from the StoSignature collection is finished. The walls inside the ground and the base of the facade are waterproofed with a TPO membrane and thermally insulated with XPS.


The internal load-bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete, and the partition walls are made of drywall in the Knauf or Rigips system, with at least double plasterboard cladding (2x12.5 mm) on both sides on a metal substructure filled with mineral wool of a minimum thickness of 10 cm (in one or two layers ). All living spaces have suspended ceilings made of plasterboard on a metal substructure. Depending on the purpose of the space, standard or moisture-resistant GK panels are used. Walls and ceilings are plastered and painted with dispersive paint. The floors are covered with first-class parquet suitable for underfloor heating, except in the sanitary facilities, where the floors and walls are tiled with high-quality designer ceramics.


The terraces of the ground floor, the 1st floor and the courtyard terrace of the 2nd floor are covered with high quality designer ceramics. The fences are made of glass, resting on reinforced concrete parapet walls. The first floor terrace has sliding metal shades on the outer walls.


Windows and walls are made of aluminum profiles with a break in the thermal bridge in the Schüco or Wicona system. Glazing is done with triple iso glass. Protection from the sun is performed with external aluminum blinds powered by an electric motor. Windows and walls are equipped with mosquito nets to protect against insects. At the entrances to the apartments, solid anti-burglary aluminum doors are installed in the Schüco or Wicona system. Optionally, a system for decentralized ventilation can be installed in the external lock.


A steel fire door is installed between the parking garage spaces and the corridor, and a steel door between the corridor and the storage room. Steel fire and burglary doors are installed at the entrance to the basement. Solid wooden doors with hidden aluminum door frames are installed in the apartments.


Apartments are equipped with high-quality sanitary equipment of German, Swiss or Italian production (Duravit, Flaminia, Laufen, Geberit, Axor or similar).


The apartments are equipped with a smart home control system. An alarm and satellite TV are installed in the apartments, and video surveillance is installed in the public areas and the building environment.


The source of heat for heating and cooling the building will be heat pumps, where the internal hydrobox unit (air-water) is used to prepare the medium for heating, and the duct units air-air for cooling. The external unit of the heat pump will be installed on the flat impassable roof of the building for each apartment separately, while the internal hydrobox unit will be installed inside the apartments in the storage area (household) provided for the heating equipment. The indoor units for cooling and heating are channel designs and are installed in suspended ceilings. They are equipped with filters for air purification. Floor heating is installed in all residential premises. Air extraction from wardrobe rooms, storage rooms, bathrooms and sanitary facilities without external openings to the environment and from the storage room in the basement is provided by the installation of exhaust fans with a timer.

Planned move-in 12/2024. years.

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