M Residence new building 2021

Residential construction project

234.348 - 2.160.800 €
Available apartments:3 / 22

City: Zagreb

Neighbourhood: Donji Grad

Neighborhood: centar

Street: Kukuljevićeva


Kukuljevićeva, luxury building under construction!

Top location, top luxury and top security!

Finding the best place for yourself doesn't just mean finding your ideal square footage. While we arrange the living space according to our ideas, the city districts shape us, our habits and everyday life.

Imagine life in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet in the city center and only 5 minutes walk to the Small Square (British Square), the first cafes, shops and trams. Mali plac, as the citizens call it from miles away, is one of the oldest and most popular city squares, a meeting place, with fresh flowers and antiques where the perfectly preserved atmosphere of old Zagreb lives. Just a few steps from your luxury apartment are the Zelengaj and Tuškanac forest parks, which offer kilometers of trails for walking or cycling. If you want to drink coffee in the city center, in just 15 minutes of easy walking you will reach the main town square - Ban Jelačić Square!

Kukuljevićeva belongs to a narrow circle of the most beautiful streets in Zagreb, surrounded by a green belt, and living in that street means living away from the city noise, and yet being only a few minutes walk from it.

Living in high luxury and security, and having nature for the nearest neighbor is a great privilege. The forest belt above British Square thus offers a refreshing microclimate with summer temperatures always a few degrees lower than those on heated city asphalt. The freshness of the air and greenery in a combination of luxury near the city center is a complete hit for even the most picky.


For complete living comfort, two floors of the garage have been designed, so that you do not spend your precious time looking for a parking space in the city center. Closed garage spaces with a capacity for one or two vehicles are planned. At level -1 a car is entered from the street, and at level -2 a car elevator leads. For additional comfort, 2 fast car lifts are provided.


Building "M" is a luxury boutique building with 22 apartments in a prestigious location in the city center. Its luxury is described with 3 "M":

Mighty - the building is reinforced for an earthquake 20% above the prescribed high European Standard (Eurocode 8) for our earthquake zone. This makes this residential building unique in Croatia.

Modern - the application of top materials and technical solutions on exterior cladding guarantees an impressive level of energy efficiency. Modern design of apartments and common areas, top equipment and materials, and precise execution make Building-M probably the most luxurious building in our city.

Memorable - a luxury to remember! From unusually high glass walls (2.5m - 2.8m) that not only open the space, but also integrate it with nature, all the way to a careful selection of top equipment (eg your own choice between renowned French designer Philippe Starck, and perfectionist master Italian architect Antonio Citteria)… contemporary luxury is interwoven from interior to exterior.


Floor coverings made of top-quality Italian ceramics and the highest quality parquet stacked in French embroidery or flat, are up to you to choose from (at an earlier stage of construction). The unique water experience will be provided by Axor (luxury line of the Hansgrohe collection), where you will be able to choose between the luxurious design of renowned French designer Philippe Starck, known for the unique design of Venus, Steve Jobs yacht, and perfectionist Italian master architect Antonio Citterio.


Looking at the floor plans of the apartments, you will see that the comfort of living was a priority in the design. The flow of apartments and the separation of the main bedroom from the living rooms guarantees a pleasant coexistence of all household members, regardless of the difference in age and habits. The American way of integrating the kitchen with the living room completes socializing in a family togetherness.

Each room in the apartment has its own thermostat and can be heated or cooled independently of other rooms, which contributes to the comfort of all household members. The entire surface of the apartment is heated by underfloor heating, and the air conditioning units are invisible and hidden in the suspended ceiling. Everything is remotely controlled via the Internet via mobile phone or tablet. Access to the building is provided for people with reduced mobility. Also, tenants will enter the building with prams or suitcases without any obstacles and lifting.


The building is equipped with top-quality Schuco aluminum joinery with low-energy characteristics. The self-washable façade is made of the highest quality German STO system and thermal insulation made of 20 cm thick mineral wool.

Glass walls in which the most modern technology in glass production is implemented increase the already impressive level of energy efficiency.

Heating and cooling systems with A +++ certificates are installed according to the highest functional and aesthetic standards. These hidden systems that are integrated into floors and ceilings may be difficult to see, but it is easy to feel their quality and the savings they bring.


Apartments never stand still and rarely come to their final form. The dynamics of tenant life often transform a living space that, if at all possible, obediently shapes itself around the emerging needs of its occupants.

The growth of the number of household members, sudden work from home or something else, the building will be able to follow due to the exceptional level of adaptability to the wishes of customers. The smart distribution of load-bearing elements / walls enables the replacement of non-load-bearing walls and thus the achievement of high personalization of the space, which is made possible in cooperation with designers (exclusively at an earlier stage of construction). Real luxury allows your personal touch.


There are no more such unique locations in the center of our city, so it is almost impossible to find a quality apartment from a new building, regardless of the available funds. Living in the city center has advantages and gives a special "feeling", but… most of the buildings in the center were built 50 or 100 years ago, with the technologies of that time, and no matter how much money was invested in renovation, it still remains an old, unsafe building .

If you are looking for not only an apartment, but a home… but not just any home, but a luxury home where your esteemed family and friends will feel comfortable and safe from earthquakes and burglaries… then don't miss this opportunity. Due to the small number of available apartments and the large amount of inquiries, the apartments will be booked quickly and the sale will be closed soon.

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