Velika Gorica, Kurilovec, two buildings, 23 apartments, NEW BUILDINGS!

Residential construction project

109.480 - 214.590 €
Available apartments:21 / 23

Region: Zagrebačka

Municipality: Velika Gorica

Neighbourhood: Kurilovec

Neighbourhood: Kurilovec

Street: Josipovićeva ulica


Velika Gorica, Kurilovec, a beautiful modern project of two buildings with a total of 23 apartments. Planned completion of construction in the 6th month of 2024. High quality construction, use of top quality materials.


The beginning of the building will be covered with mineral wool in thicknesses of 12 and 5 cm. The final layer of the facade system is coated with decorative thin-walled silicate plaster (Demit facade)
Walls and ceilings, all walls and ceilings are plastered from the inside with lime-gypsum plaster or just smoothed and painted with dispersive paints. The walls of the sanitary facilities are covered up to the ceiling with first-class ceramic wall tiles, in the color and pattern of the investor's choice. The kitchen walls are covered at a height of 80-140 cm with first-class ceramic wall tiles in the color and pattern of the investor's choice. Ceilings are smoothed and painted with dispersive paints.
The floors of the rooms are covered with ceramics and parquet, depending on the function of the space. The floors of the sanitary facilities are covered with non-slip ceramic floor tiles of the first class, in the color and pattern of the investor's choice. The entrance porch, loggias and terraces are covered with anti-slip ceramics. The stairs (treads and fronts) are covered with anti-slip ceramic.
Locks and sheet metal, all frames and external bars are made of plasticized aluminum sheet. The railings on the French windows of the staircase, terraces and loggias will be made of steel profiles and covered with composite pressed laminate panels (HPL). The fence of the internal staircase will be made of steel profiles, painted. The canopy above the terrace of the 2nd floor (S4 on the floor) is made of wooden slats on a reinforced concrete structure with a coating of plasticized aluminum sheet, with a slope of 3% from the building for storm water drainage.
The roof of the building will have a flat roof made with a ballast system - waterproofing tape based on PVC-P will be protected by a layer of washed gravel. The roof will be thermally, acoustically and waterproofed. All roof layers that enable the proper functioning of the roof (with the necessary drop for rainwater drainage) will be constructed on the building.

Apartments equipped with:

Floor gas central heating,
Italian ceramics, upper middle class in the bathroom and kitchen,
Laufer sanitary ware, Hansgrohe fittings,
parquet floors, classic oak parquet lacquered with matt varnish,
interior white carpentry,
exterior carpentry PVC white with triple-layered glass and aluminum blinds

Close to shops, bakeries, planned construction of a kindergarten in the immediate vicinity.

The apartment is in the VAT system, the buyer does not pay real estate sales tax.

We are at your disposal for all other information.

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