Zagreb, Dubrava, 5 residential buildings with 4 apartments each NEW BUILDING

Residential construction project

224.130 - 254.662 €

City: Zagreb

Neighbourhood: Gornja Dubrava

Street: Lektrščica


This family residential building with 4 residential units is designed on three above-ground floors. Each residential unit has its own outdoor parking space and a garage parking space in the basement.

The conceptual solution is in the style of family houses - separate entrances, a courtyard within the apartments, an emphasis on maximum privacy and separation from other apartments. There are two-, three- and four-room apartments. The building is designed in such a way that it is maximally open to the south side, and in combination with the outdoor space, terraces, is connected to the natural terrain. The buildings are located in the central part of the plot. It is maximally closed on the western side, but also where the vehicular and pedestrian entrance to the plot has been formed. On that western side, there is a parking lot (4 parking spaces for 4 residential units) and an entrance to the garage (4 garage spaces for 4 residential units).

The plot will be functionally and horticulturally arranged in accordance with the climate and climatological conditions, with the maximum implementation of indigenous vegetation. It will also be arranged in accordance with the needs of future users.

When furnishing apartments, equipment of the highest standards from well-known and renowned manufacturers will be used. In addition to energy efficiency, attention is also paid to the system of "smart apartments", where energy saving is one of the main goals. The building is designed to meet energy class A.

The foundation will be a base plate with a thickness of 40 cm, while the structure is designed as reinforced concrete, with reinforced concrete plates 20 cm thick with appropriate layers of thermal insulation according to the purpose of the building.

Modern materials and architectural elements suitable for the climate in which the building is being built will be used in the treatment of the facade. High-quality ventilation and daylighting of the rooms is made possible by the multi-sided orientation and arrangement of openings on the facade. The finishing coating of the facade is plaster.

An air/water heat pump will be installed in the building for heating purposes. Low-temperature reversible air-water heat pump, for split monoenergetic systems, works up to low outside temperatures, at reduced capacity. This ensures sufficient operation of the heat pump for the coldest climatic conditions.

Each connection of an individual floor heating circuit on the return distributor is equipped with a temperature meter, which enables the regulation of each floor heating circuit by adjusting the water flow of the floor heating system.

For the purpose of cooling the building, a split air conditioning system will be installed in the form of an air-to-air heat pump.

A low-voltage power connection of 34.04 kW is planned for the building.

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