Kožino, Zadar, luxurious new building close to the sea

Residential construction project

480.000 - 550.000 €
Available apartments:6 / 6

Region: Zadarska

Municipality: Zadar - Okolica

Neighbourhood: Kožino


This main project envisages the construction of two residential buildings, with a total of 6 residential units. The buildings envisaged by the project are buildings with a ground floor + two floors (Gr+2), with a height to the cornice of 9.20 m.

The buildings were designed in the following way: - the main entrance is on the northwest facade. Each building has three apartments, one on each floor. An internal double staircase leads to the area of the 1st and 2nd floors, and to the outdoor roof terrace.

The ground floor space is planned as follows:

- the ground floor contains one apartment consisting of: entrance, kitchen with living room and dining room, covered terrace, three bedrooms, utility room and two bathrooms.

The space on the 1st and 2nd floors is identical to the apartment on the ground floor, and they each contain another identical apartment. A shared internal two-legged staircase leads to the outdoor roof terrace.

The arrangement of hygienic and sanitary rooms and areas for movement is designed in such a way as to ensure the smooth application of occupational safety rules. Daylight lighting is ensured through openings in the walls on all floors in accordance with the requirements of the specific activities that take place in these areas. Natural ventilation is also ensured in all rooms. The foundations of the building are reinforced - concrete, as well as the above-foundation walls. The load-bearing walls are made of 25 cm thick brick blocks. The rooms are surrounded by load-bearing and partition walls made of hollow brick 10 cm thick. Plastering on both sides is provided for the internal walls. A demit facade, 10 cm thick, is provided for the external walls. The number of entrances, i.e. exits, to the building, auxiliary and main, ensures a quick exit from the building in case of evacuation or sheltering in another case. The building is designed in such a way as to ensure the stability of the building against static and dynamic loads and against meteorological and climatic influences, removal of atmospheric sediment, protection against fire and explosion, ventilation of the premises, provision of daylight and safety of people's movement. The requirements for protection against thermal radiation, chemical influences and biological factors were also met. In this way, the conditions for safe living in the building are permanently ensured.

Idle traffic will be handled within the lot, with a total of 6 parking spaces located on the lot. Also, a minimum of 20% greenery (92.80 m2) is provided on the plot.


The floors are designed in such a way as to ensure stability; a flat surface with slopes necessary for drainage into drainage channels, but such that they also enable safe walking, thermal protection and waterproofing, and easy use and maintenance.

Protection from atmospheric influences

The walls, ceilings and roof are designed in such a way that during exploitation they permanently ensure: protection against precipitation and atmospheric influences, fire protection, removal of atmospheric sediment, drainage of diffuse steam, thermal protection, sound protection, daylight, security against the penetration of unauthorized persons and stability of all elements and parts.

Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling of the building is provided through a "mono split" freon air conditioning system.

Ventilation and natural light

Windows and doors are designed to provide protection from precipitation, natural lighting, thermal protection and ventilation.

Water supply and sanitation

The residential building will be connected to the public water supply network and to the public sewage system. Sanitary units have been designed: two bathrooms and a kitchen on the ground floor and on the upper floors.

Planned move-in 06/2023.

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