Velika Gorica, NEW BUILDING, luxury residential complex 2023

Residential construction project

114.240 - 409.135 €
Available apartments:47 / 48

Region: Zagrebačka

Municipality: Velika Gorica

Neighbourhood: Centar


Velika Gorica, NEW CONSTRUCTION, luxury residential complex 2023

The project will consist of a total of 48 residential units, of different square footage, divided into 4 entrances, which allows for a small number of apartments per entrance and floor. In this way, future tenants can count on greater living comfort, practicality and intimacy.

Open space floor plans, energy efficiency, natural materials and luxurious finishes make Project Gorica the perfect choice for your new home.

Heat pump, ALU carpentry, blinds with electric drive, energy class A-A+, low overhead costs


The building of the Gorica Project will be built from a mixed reinforced concrete structure, on an AB base plate, the basic structural system is a system of transverse and longitudinal AB walls. Inside the housing units are plasterboard partition walls type W112. Facade walls are made of 15 cm thick wool + colored silicone finishing plaster


in accordance with the project visual solution of the architect. Decorative slip brick is intended as the final covering of the facade on the ground floor. Internal structural and partition walls are finished with white paint. The roof structure is made as an impassable inverse flat roof, superstructures of minimal height are vertically insulated, exit to the roof via skylights from the staircase area. Windows, balcony doors and glass walls of residential units are made of ALU construction in Ral 7016, Low-E, glazed 3 insulated with 4/12/4/12/4mm glass, with a low heat transfer coefficient (U ≤ 1.00 W/m2K). As protection from the sun, thermally insulated aluminum shutters filled with polyurethane were made for windows and balcony doors, and aluminum blinds with an electric motor for glass walls. The entrance door to the building and the windows of the common area are made of plasticized aluminum profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge, glazed with IZO-glass. The inner and outer benches are made of first-class stone.


The heat source for heating will be an air/water heat pump manufactured by Daikin. The outdoor units of the heat pump will be installed on the flat roof, a separate system for each apartment, while the indoor units will be installed inside each apartment. As a basic heating system for living spaces, a floor heating system is provided. The underfloor heating will be regulated by installing a room thermostat. For the purposes of cooling (and reheating) residential premises, a split system in the form of an air/air heat pump will be installed. Air conditioners are installed in living rooms. Electric radiators are additionally installed in the bathrooms. The project envisages mechanical ventilation of sanitary rooms that do not have an external window with the help of a wall-mounted bathroom fan. The space is vented through a ventilation shaft on the roof of the building.


Electrical installation is performed in combination with materials for classic and concrete installation. The main connection closet is located at the front of the building, and the distribution closets for residential units are located on the staircases. A sufficient number of sockets and switches according to the layout of each type of apartment, white in color, with a PVC mask, are foreseen. The positions of all lighting fixtures are determined by the electrical project, and the installation will be carried out in accordance with the project, and the light bulb will be installed. The project envisages a unique antenna system that will be placed on the roof of the building. Antennas for terrestrial and satellite programs are provided on the antenna pole. A digital intercom system is provided for each apartment. For each parking space, spare pipes PNT32 for electrical cables are provided for powering the charging points for electric cars in order to promote electro-mobility.


The floors of the entrance area and the staircases of all floors are made of first-class stone. The stair railings are steel in anthracite color. The elevators of the residential building will be in the Schindler range. The garage walls are smoothed and finished with white paint, the floors are treated with an anti-dust coating. The garage door is with remote control on the ground floor, in the color RAL 7016. The entire space of the garage is thermally and fire insulated from the residential area. Concrete ceilings, thermally insulated, smoothed and finished with white paint.


The need for sanitary water in the newly planned building will be met by connecting to the public water supply pipeline. Secondary water meters for measuring sanitary water consumption will be placed in water meter cabinets inside the building on each floor in the corridor area. DHW preparation will take place via an integrated domestic hot water tank integrated in the internal unit of the heat pump. Drainage of sanitary storm water will be carried out by connection to the distribution system of street drainage. Installation of sewerage with low-noise pipes. Sewage verticals are vented above the roof. We protect the building with an internal and external hydrant network.


Bathrooms are equipped with sinks, bathtubs/showers (depending on the type of apartment), and toilets.

cones of high-quality manufacturers (rank - Villeroy & Boch/Hansgrohe). Installation element for a toilet bowl with a low-noise built-in cistern with a white button.


The walls of the residential units will be white, except for the walls in the bathrooms, which are covered with ceramic tiles. The parquet floors in the apartments will be first-class multi-layered oak parquet, installed like a ship's floor, and the customer will choose the desired color. Parquet floors are installed vertically to the light source. Parquet moldings will be white. Ceramic tiles are first class, high category. The customer will be able to choose between 4 different types and colors of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are installed on the kitchen floor, and on the bathroom/toilet floor and walls. The loggia/balcony floors of residential units will be covered with anti-slip gres ceramic tiles according to the designer's choice and are not subject to changes. The entrance door of the apartment will be burglar-proof and fire-proof of high quality. The outside of the door will be white/grey. The interior joinery will be class A, white, with hidden hinges. The fences of loggias and apartments will be made of steel, anthracite color.


-Restriction of access from the lift cabin via the card reader (PIN+) -Storage rooms are closed with ALU fixed shutters - closing like HARMO doors

- Suspended plasterboard ceilings

-Final cladding on the terraces with stone slabs in the tone of the architect's project visual solution

-Bathrooms are equipped with sinks, bathtubs or walk-in showers, and toilet bowls of high-quality manufacturers (rank – Villeroy & Boch/Hansgrohe).

- Large-format ceramic tiles in bathrooms (up to 120*120), 3 options to choose from

-Installation element for toilet bowl with low-noise built-in water boiler with chrome button.

Other information on request.

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